Leading ‘Expert’ On Transing Kids Forced To Add Multiple ‘Corrections’ To Major Study

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Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Dr. Jack Turban, a leading advocate of sex change hormones and surgery for children, has been forced to issue several major corrections to a January 2022 article published in Psychology Today.

Turban concluded, in a compilation of 16 studies, that “Existing evidence suggests that gender-affirming medical care results in favorable mental health outcomes.” The article, published on January 24, 2022, now lists a correction in bold at the start of the article, noting that his interpretation of four studies was “appended.” The article is touted by many, including Turban himself, as evidence that, “gender-affirming medical care improves mental health for trans youth.”

“This post was updated on October 11, 2022. In discussions of studies 5, 7, 8 and 10, the final sentence was appended to include further information about the study,” the correction to the study reads. (RELATED: New Study Reveals The Dangerous Transgender Pipeline Targeting Children)

Turban wrote that the fifth study in the article found significantly less need for treatment for depression in teens that received sex change hormones. But a sentence placed at the end of the study blurb notes that the study’s own authors, “note that gender reassignment is ‘not enough to improve functioning and relieve psychiatric comorbidities among adolescents with gender dysphoria.'”

The seventh study, which the article also claims shows that “those who received pubertal suppression had better mental health outcomes” received a correction that notes the study’s authors say their own study doesn’t provide “direct evidence” that pubertal blockers improves mental health.

The author of the article, Jack Turban, is a member of the LGBT community himself and an outspoken advocate of sex change “treatments” being provided to minors.

The corrections come months after a report from the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) revealed several flaws in another study headed up by Turban. The study, which only used data from 2017 and 2019, failing to take into account the drastic increase in trans-identifying children in the last 20 years, due to what some claim is a social contagion that encourages gender dysphoria in minors. (RELATED: ‘They’re On The Run’: Hospitals Caught Providing Sex Change Treatments To Minors Seem To Follow The Same Playbook)

“There is no explanation given for how, unlike with homosexuality, we’re seeing entire friend groups and entire segments of classrooms adopting trans identities together,” Candice Jackson, former Assistant Secretary of Education for Civil Rights, told the DCNF at the time.

Turbin’s article was also fact-checked by Manhattan Institute Fellow Leor Sapir in October.

“As I go through these studies one by one, I’ll show not only that such claims of causality are not supported by the evidence (as made clear, at times, by the authors themselves), but also that some of the studies Turban cites actually show no or even negative association between hormones and mental health,” Sapir wrote.