Tulsi Gabbard Endorses Republican Adam Laxalt For Senate

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Former Hawaii Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard endorsed Republican Nevada Senate candidate Adam Laxalt on Thursday, in her latest break with Democrats before the midterm elections.

In a video message, Gabbard says she left the Democratic Party due “woke ideologues” who support defunding the police, open border policies and biological men competing in women’s sports. Gabbard claimed that Laxalt’s opponent, Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, supports these “woke” policies.

“I left the Democrat Party because it’s been taken over by woke ideologues who demonize police, back open borders, and believe biological men should compete in women’s sports. Sadly, your Senator, Catherine Cortez Masto, has gone along with all of it. She’s Joe Biden’s rubber stamp in the Senate, voting with him nearly 100% of the time,” Gabbard said in the ad.

“That’s why I’m supporting Adam Laxalt. Adam will do what’s right for Nevadans — not what whatever Biden and the woke left demand. Like me, Adam is a veteran who served overseas. Nevada law enforcement supports him. And he’s focused on bringing down the cost of gas and groceries,” she addded.


“It is the disastrous policies of Joe Biden and his rubber stamp Senator Catherine Cortez Masto that are causing soaring inflation, record-high gas prices, a crisis along our open southern border, and skyrocketing crime. This is why thousands of Nevadans, of all political backgrounds, are getting behind our campaign to take back the Senate and become the 51st GOP seat,” Laxalt said in a statement. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: ‘Dangerous’ — Adam Laxalt To Release Ad With Law Enforcement Officials Slamming Sen. Cortez Masto)

“Tulsi Gabbard saw that our country was headed in the wrong direction under the control of the Democrat Party and made the brave decision to walkaway from their party. I am honored to have Tulsi Gabbard’s support in this race and I look forward to campaigning with her on the trail in Las Vegas this week,” Laxalt added. (RELATED: Dems’ Favorite Scholar Ruy Teixeira Predicted Nevada Would Turn Deep Blue. Now He’s Changed His Tune)

Laxalt has a slight lead over Cortez Masto in six public polls conducted during the month of September.