Disney Tackles ‘Body Dysmorphia,’ Reveals New Plus-Size Heroine


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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The Walt Disney Company introduced their very first plus-size female protagonist in a new mini-movie that tackles body dysmorphia.

The animated character at the heart of “Reflect” is a ballet dancer named Bianca. The film is directed by Hillary Bradfield, whose resume includes “Frozen 2” and “Encanto,” according to The New York Post. Bianca may be a newbie to the Disney world, but she’s already stirring things up with fans.

The topic of body positivity has left audiences divided. Some fans praise the messaging while critics are slamming Disney for glorifying obesity.

The topic of body positivity seems to be a ‘no-win’ for Disney. Some irate Disney fans are slamming the entertainment giant, saying a character with obesity shouldn’t be a role model for their kids. They argue that if anorexia isn’t represented, obesity shouldn’t be, either, and suggest that normalizing obesity is sending unhealthy messaging to children, encouraging them to overeat or eat poorly.

The other side of the story is dramatically different. Bianca is resonating with some fans across the globe who have personally struggled with body image. The new Disney character is already being hailed as a hero for those who may be struggling with self-acceptance, and may feel a connection to this new figure. (RELATED: Porn Star Stormy Daniels Reveals The Names Of Her Breast Implants)

Will this topic forever remain a divisive one? Is childhood obesity really being promoted simply because there’s a Disney character that’s chubby, or is that just a representation of the real diversity that actually surrounds us?

The other question that seems to have gone unaddressed is; where are the parents in all of this? Do we really want to raise children in a society that so easily accepts childhood obesity? Are parents educating their kids about healthy eating habits and daily exercise? Are they routinely feeding their children junk food?

Perhaps the issue isn’t with Bianca at all. She’s just a character on the screen that’s making us take a closer look at the real issues in the society we live in.