LeBron Teams Up With Amazon For Literally The Worst Idea In The History Of Sports

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Has anybody else watched a Los Angeles Lakers game this season? Give it a try, since we’re around Halloween. It’s a horrific experience. The 0-4 record doesn’t even tell the whole story, that’s how terrible they are.

But does LeBron James even give a shit?

Apparently, LeBron now has a new partnership with Amazon Prime Video to co-host NFL Thursday Night Football (TNF), bringing a special edition of his show The Shop: Uninterrupted to every TNF. This marks the 2,452,692,386th venture the man now has.

Things kick off for the “alternative broadcast” Nov. 17 in a game between the Green Bay Packers and Tennessee Titans, and will feature James, Maverick Carter, Paul Rivera and special guests live from The Shop. TNF in The Shop will be an “unmatched, watch party-style experience,” according to a Prime Video press release.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome The Shop to the Thursday Night Football family and work alongside UNINTERRUPTED to deliver a new viewing experience for fans of both the NFL and The Shop,” head of talent at Prime Video Sports, Amina Hussein, said, according to the Prime Video press release.

“Each week, Thursday Night Football brings together friends and family to watch and engage with the teams and players they love. With ‘TNF in The Shop,‘ we are honored to deepen that fan experience through organic, authentic conversation, and look forward to its premiere on November 17,” she continued.

You’ve got to give credit to LeBron James for the empire he’s built, there’s no doubt about that. But is it really wise to add another project on your plate when your team has LITERALLY NOT WON A GAME?!

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently 0-4 to begin the season, with some atrocious play to boot. They’re nearly last in every offensive category, ranking 30th in each offensive rating, field goal percentage and three point percentage, according to ESPN. (If you didn’t know, there’s only 30 teams in the entire NBA.) (RELATED: The LA Lakers Are Now 0-4. Its Time To Overthrow King James And Find Some Younger Players)

How are the Lakers possibly this bad when they have LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook on the roster? It makes absolutely no sense, and it’s sad that it’s happening to such an iconic brand.

And this is exactly why the so-called “King” needs to stay away from adding new projects to his plate: it’s obviously not working out. Besides, this entire TNF in The Shop thing just sounds stupid.

First win, and THEN become a Los Angeles tycoon. Without the winning, it just looks… well… like you don’t give a shit.

So maybe that’s the answer to our question earlier: he doesn’t.