Iowa Man Rescues Four Siblings From Burning Home After Accidentally Taking A Wrong Turn


Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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An Iowa man who accidentally made a wrong turn is now being hailed a hero after he rescued four siblings from a burning home in Red Oak.

Brendon Birt was driving in the early hours of Oct. 23 when he mistakenly made a wrong turn and stumbled upon the home of Tender Lehman, according to KCRA. Lehman was out of town due to a family emergency, but left her three younger children home with their 22-year-old brother, according to the report. The four siblings were allegedly fast asleep as a fire swept through their home.

Birt, however, noticed the home engulfed in flames when he drove by and immediately sprung into action, according to KCRA.

“I just felt like somebody was in there because it was so late at night, you know? I just knew that I had to act quick,” he told the outlet.

The home’s smoke alarms weren’t going off, but Birt began pounding on the windows on the side of the house, according to the report.

“Like every second that was going by was just getting worse,”  Birt reportedly said.

Birt’s banging and screaming reportedly woke the siblings up, and video footage shows the three younger kids running through the front door past the smokes and flames. (RELATED: Pizza Delivery Man Saves 5 Kids From Burning House)

“They came out the door,” Birt recounted to the outlet. “Like, I just felt like I wanted to break down and cry. Like, I don’t even know these people here.”

“Everything was just black in the living room,” one of the young children, Christopher Lehman, reportedly said. “There’s nothing left of it.”

After the three younger children escaped, the oldest sibling emerged from the home, according to KCRA.

“Walked up into an oven of heat and flames on the front, the front wall,” Bryce Harrison, 22, reportedly said.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. Five dogs sadly died while two others made it out of the ordeal alive.