‘I Think He Had To Go Take A Sh*t’: Calgary Flames Head Coach Darryl Sutter Becomes Instant Legend

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Sometimes, you just gotta go.

Ask Calgary Flames head coach Darryl Sutter:

During a game between the Flames and Edmonton Oilers on Oct. 29, Calgary center Jonathan Huberdeau went missing. Reporters asked Sutter about it during a press conference following their 3-2 loss.

“I think he had to go take a shit,” a stone-cold Sutter replied, leaving the entire room silent. (RELATED: Watch NHL Rookie Absolutely Annihilate Veteran Fighter In His First Fight)

Sutter isn’t shy whatsoever when it comes to speaking with media. There are plenty of occasions where Sutter openly talked to the press like he’s their grandfather on the verge of a long story. From talking about the Kentucky Derby to telling a reporter “not that I’m aware of” after being questioned if his lineup had changed, Sutter is as old school as old school gets.

Hockey is a weird sport. Usually when somebody has to take a dump, a coach will usually label it as a lower body injury of some sort. Another example: A crushed skull usually equates to a body injury on the upper end.

But Darryl Sutter…? Sutter is a G. Like an old grandpa bluntly telling his 23-year-old grandson that he needs to get a job and stop living with his mom, Sutter will straight up tell you how it is.

Justin Huberdeau had to take a dump, and that’s just the facts.