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Freakzz NFT Collection Promises 5000 Unique NFTs Created By Renowned GOT Digital Artists

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A total of 5,000 NFTs have been created for this amazing project by a talented team of successful entrepreneurs, developers and designers, who have already proven their capabilities in other projects.

Freakzz is an exciting NFT gaming project which is all set to amaze NFT enthusiasts worldwide. The entire framework is designed to bring in a new dimension of Play-And-Earn gaming with its NFT collection of 5,000 zombies, aliens, ghosts, and vampires on the Ethereum blockchain. It brings back the classic essence of vintage video gaming into the modern era of Web 3.0. It is a match-making game where players can choose their Freakzz creatures to attack their opponents using bombs and unique spells.

The creative team of designers behind this incredible project is composed of Leonardo Viti, Anthony Sieben and Tom Nicolas Herzig who have worked as digital artists for the iconic series ‘Game of Thrones’. In addition to that, the three artists have also worked for Disney and Marvel movies. For Freakzz, they have designed a series of 5,000 humanoid creatures with a clean 3D style.

The video game is not yet launched but their Twitter account is already followed by more than 30 000 followers. What has attracted more attention towards Freakzz is the Game of Thrones, Disney & Marvel digital artists who created the NFT collection. Available on the Ethereum blockchain, the series represents aliens, zombies, vampires and ghosts in a 3D style.

The CEO of Freakzz, Alex Huertas, is a Spanish entrepreneur from Barcelona who founded Northweek, the famous eyewear brand, which was later acquired by Hawkers. He was also featured in the Forbes’ 30 under 30 list in 2018. Alex then diversified his activities and became passionate about blockchain, which resulted in the creation of the Freakzz collection.

The CMO, Jorge Branger, is also a Spanish entrepreneur who owns two companies in digital marketing. His first company is Flyt, a platform where creators can book experiences in exchange for content creation and visibility. His second company is Fluence Leaders, a digital marketing agency specialized in influencers and content creation on LinkedIn. He is also a successful investor and gathered a strong community around his crypto skills.

According to Alex Huertas, the world is currently undergoing a transition to the new Web 3.0 technology. These new technologies are changing the way video games are used and now allow players to earn assets that can be converted into real money. In the Freakzz game, the winners are rewarded in Stablecoin, also represented as tokens. These tokens can be used to buy character assets like powerful items in their built-in marketplace.

In order not to miss their launch, check visit their website: freakzz.xyz

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