Houston Astros Pitcher Justin Verlander Flips Off Crowd Of Phillies Fans

Twitter/Screenshot/ darren04 via Starting9

Alexander Pease Contributor
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In the lead up to Game 3 of the World Series showdown between the Houston Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies, an Astros pitcher flipped off a crowd of Phillies fans while getting off a team bus on Monday.

Justin Verlander exited the bus in The City of Brotherly Love and gave a thumbs up to the group of Phillies fans which was followed by the bird after fans began yelling at the pitcher, Clutch Points reported.

Despite the negative connotations that come with flipping someone off, the pitcher sported an ear-to-ear smile as he dished out the gesture.

Verlander is regarded as an ace pitcher given the fact that he is a Cy Young Award-winner twice over. Baseball analysts believe the pitcher could be poised to win his third, according to The Houston Chronicle. (RELATED: Justin Verlander Accomplishes What No Other Pitcher Has Done In MLB History)

Still, the pitcher has experienced hiccups in his performance, including during the second game of the Fall Classic this year. The pitcher blew a 5-0 lead to the Phillies by the third inning, Yahoo Sports reported. As a result, the pitcher has yet to secure a win for the Astros in the current World Series match-up and currently has the worst ERA in series history, the outlet added.

Nonetheless, the pitcher continued to interact and jest with Phillies fans leading up to Game 3.

Currently, the pitcher remains winless in all of his World Series appearances across the board, Yahoo Sports noted. (RELATED: MLB Franchises Are Funneling Money Into Orgs That Promote, Perform Child Sex Changes)