Watch LeBron And The Lakers Embarrassingly Celebrate Their First Win Like They Just Won The NBA Finals

Twitter/Screenshot/ _Talkin_NBA via 94feetofgame Instagram

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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How does a team start out a season 0-5 just to get even MORE embarrassing after their first win?

How does a team pull that off when they’re an iconic and legendary brand?

The Los Angeles Lakers sure know the formula.

The Lakers finally managed to get their first win Oct. 30 over the Denver Nuggets, 121-110, and you’d think that Los Angeles would want to use their win to zone in and get back on the right track.

Nope, they instead used the moment to celebrate like they just won the NBA Finals. It was just one big party.

Not even kidding.

The Los Angeles Lakers are nearly dead last in every major offensive category, and overall when it comes to team scoring, they rank 28th in a 30-team league, only averaging 105.3 points-per-game, according to ESPN. They’re solid on the defensive side of the ball, granted, but on the offensive side, “LeBron and those boys” (in the words of Stephen A. Smith) are absolute garbage.

On top of that, the play of Russell Westbrook is atrocious. Yeah, LeBron is doing his thing as expected, as well as Anthony Davis, but Russell Westbrook … It’s just bad. (RELATED: LeBron Teams Up With Amazon For Literally The Worst Idea In The History Of Sports)

And speaking of Russell Westbrook, you also had this embarrassing nonsense:

Usually when coaches get this kind of emotional in a press conference, it comes after a championship win — Los Angeles Lakers head coach Darvin Ham did this after getting his first win of the season. And the fact that it was centered around Westbrook … Is Ham unintentionally and subliminally admitting that Westbrook is trash? Because you could easily take it that way. It’s just sad.

The Los Angeles Lakers really went from Kobe and Shaq to this…