Bill Maher Says It ‘Makes Absolutely No Sense’ To Beg Saudis For Oil

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Comedian Bill Maher said Monday that it “makes absolutely no sense” to depend on foreign countries for oil when the U.S. can produce energy domestically.

Maher was interviewing singer-songwriter Kid Rock on his “Club Random” podcast when the two turned to the topic of high gas prices. Kid Rock said President Joe Biden deserves some of the blame for rising prices while Maher argued the president has little influence over the cost of gas.

“On your drilling point, let me concede this, as I have on my show,” Maher said. “It makes absolutely no sense to go under the theory that Saudi Arabian fossils fuels pollute the earth but American fossil fuels don’t.”

“They just don’t pollute us,” Kid Rock said.

“Right,” Maher said. “I wish we would be all green, like, tomorrow. but until that happens — I mean, like, Germany was very ambitious about going green, but they didn’t reach the goal so, in other words, they threw the bathwater out with the baby. What happened was they had to go back to nuclear because they had a shortfall.”

“I want us to get there but, until we get there, if we’re going to use energy, why not American energy as opposed to Saudi Arabian?” Maher continued. “It just seemed like a very backwards thing.” (RELATED: Saudi Arabia Confirms That Biden Pressured OPEC To Delay Oil Production Cuts Until November)

OPEC+ recently announced it would slash output by two million barrels per day. Saudi Arabia then alleged that the Biden administration pressured the kingdom to delay oil production cuts until after the November midterms.