EXCLUSIVE: Sentinel Action Fund To Hammer Democrats On Energy Prices In New Hampshire

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Michael Ginsberg Congressional Correspondent
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The Sentinel Action Fund, a conservative Super PAC aligned with Heritage Action, will release a new ad later Tuesday highlighting increasing energy prices during Joe Biden’s presidency.

The ad, titled “Vote Your Thermostat,” will run through Election Day in New Hampshire, where Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan is locked in a tight race with Republican Don Bolduc. Democrats boosted Bolduc in the Republican primary out of a belief he would be an easier candidate to defeat, but two recent polls have shown the two candidates running within the margin of error. (RELATED: Primary Challenger Attacks DCCC Chair For Boosting Stop The Steal Republicans)

“Stuck on your Senate vote? Vote your thermostat,” the narrator says. “When Joe Biden won, home heating oil was two bucks a gallon. Today, five bucks. How? Biden and Maggie Hassan declared war on energy. Hassan voted three times against fracking, two times against tapping reserves. Hassan and Biden killed pipelines. He pressured banks to cut energy financing. You paid the price. The only way to stop Joe Biden is to give Maggie Hassan the cold shoulder.”


Sentinel is spending $1 million on the ad, Politico reported, and previously announced a $900,000 ad buy in the state. Overall, the Super PAC has spent nearly $11.4 million in the 2022 midterms, according to its most recent Federal Election Commission filings.

Republicans have worried throughout the election cycle about their ability to spend on behalf of Senate candidates, many of whom have struggled to keep pace with their Democratic opponents. Bolduc has raised $2.25 million, while Hassan has racked up more than $33.68 million. The Mitch McConnell-aligned Senate Leadership Fund (SLF), which has spent nearly $16 million in New Hampshire, canceled a $5.6 million ad buy in the state so that it could spend in support of Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania.

In a similar pattern, Sentinel announced Arizona ad buys in support of Republican Blake Masters in September, shortly after SLF canceled spending in that race.

Gas prices nationwide reached a mean of $3.76 per gallon on Tuesday, and $3.72 per gallon in New Hampshire, according to AAA. The Biden administration has used the mode gas price when discussing energy issues, since that is the lowest of the three commonly-used statistical averages. Biden falsely claimed in New York on Oct. 27 that gas cost more than $5 per gallon at the beginning of his presidency.