The Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Halloween Costumes Everyone Is Talking About

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Celebrities spent hours transforming themselves for Halloween 2022 and many of the costumes were jaw-dropping … for various reasons.

Heidi Klum’s total transformation into a giant worm was a big hit, while other get-ups made people squirm in a very different way, such as Billie Eilish’s totally gross baby and daddy couples outfit and Machine Gun Kelly, who dressed as a priest and served Megan Fox “communion” while she knelt in fishnets. Love them or hate them, these celebrities kept fans talking this Halloween.

Hit: Heidi Klum as a worm


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Klum abandoned her supermodel beauty standards and wiggled her way into an enormous worm costume, and fans were all about it. Klum is known to always blow her fans away with her outrageous and elaborately designed Halloween costumes, and she definitely didn’t disappoint this year. The worm costume looked slimy and goopy and it was hard to believe one of the world’s most famous supermodels was inside of it. “Happy Halloworm! 🪱 love, @heidiklum,” Klum wrote to her Instagram account. She posted a series of photos and videos that captured every angle of the magnificent costume.

Epic Fail: Billie Eilish and her boyfriend Jesse Rutherford as baby and daddy

Thanks but no thanks. Eilish and Rutherford gave major creep vibes when they played up the fact that there’s an 11-year age gap between them. Eilish wore a baby costume and Rutherford made light of their strange relationship by dressing up as an old man. This gave fans the creeps in all the wrong ways.

Hit: Diddy as Joker


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Diddy dressed up as the Joker and absolutely nailed his costume and makeup. It looked like he walked off the movie set, and with this level of costume-perfection, he’d be a natural at playing the character in an upcoming film.

Epic Fail: Kylie Jenner as Elvira

Jenner nailed her depiction of Elvira, but failed on a bigger scale. She perfectly transformed into Elvira but then neglected to tag her. The real Elvira came forward saying she loved what Jenner did but she also dissed her at the same time. “It would have been even more flattering if she tagged me,” Elvira said, according to TMZ. Fans also complained that Jenner’s photos on Instagram were too highly edited.

Hit: Cardi B as Marj Simpson


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Cardi B nailed it. She morphed into Marj Simpson and fans are all about it. Her hair was on point and her poses were a perfect match. This was a unique costume that everyone loved. She also had the most perfectly curated backdrop in her posts.

Epic Fail: Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly as a priest and parishioner


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There’s blasphemy written all over this scene, and fans stand divided. Machine Gun Kelly dressed as a priest and gave communion to Fox, who crouched on her knees in a seductive position while dressed in a provocative outfit.  Some think this was hot and tantalizing but others just can’t make peace with how raunchy this was and how distasteful it is to religious Christians.

Hit: Kim Kardashian as Mystique


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Kim channeled some serious blue vibes by transforming into a lumpy, bumpy character from X-Men. Dressed in all-blue latex with piercing yellow contact lenses, Kardashian was the perfect reflection of the character. She even plugged Marvel in her Twitter caption, making fans wonder if she has a future with the franchise.