ESPN Analyst Says Star-Studded Squad Is The ‘Most Unlikable Team’ In NBA History. Is He Right?

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Seth Roy Contributor
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ESPN pundit Jay Williams had harsh criticism for the star-studded Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday.

“They are the most unlikable team maybe in the history of the NBA,” Williams said on the latest episode of ESPN’s “First Take.” He added, “we spend so much time talking about all the things happening off the court that deter us away from how skillful this team is on the court.”

It’s hard to disagree with Williams here. The Nets’ three best players, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Ben Simmons, are all controversial in their own right.

Irving just recently created an uproar over sharing an anti-Semitic film to his Twitter account. Durant looks for his way out of the team whenever the going gets tough, and Simmons is injury prone and overpaid.

With this nucleus of players, the Nets are far from being a stable team. Even NBA Hall of Famer, Steve Nash, couldn’t figure out a way to get Brooklyn’s players to mesh and was fired after a poor start to the 2022-2023 season. (RELATED: Jimmy Butler Guarantees Miami Heat Championship Despite 2-5 Start To Season)

Regardless of how much talent the Nets have on their roster, they’ll never win a championship because of who they have as leaders. For Brooklyn to be 2-6 right now with three all-stars in their lineup is downright embarrassing.

The Nets seem to make more noise off the court than they do on it these days and their record is proof. Williams was right when he said that this Brooklyn squad is the most unlikable team of all-time.