REPORT: OnlyFans Model Called Boyfriend The N-Word Months Before She Allegedly Killed Him

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Police pulled audio evidence that reveals OnlyFans model Courtney Clenney calling her boyfriend the n-word months before she allegedly killed him, according to a report Wednesday.

Clenney is currently behind bars facing charges in the murder of her slain boyfriend, Christian Obumseli. Police have now uncovered evidence that Obumseli was recording her outbursts with his cell phone months before he was killed, according to TMZ.

The recordings uncovered from his phone reveal Clenney repeatedly hurling racial slurs while screaming and cursing at Obumseli during a heated exchange. Clenney was expressing rage over the fact that Obumseli didn’t tell her he said hello to a woman they both knew while riding his bicycle, according to TMZ. The recordings have been provided as evidence against Clenney in her murder trial.

The recordings were initially obtained by the Miami Herald and handed over to the police. The audio clips capture Clenney screaming at Obumeli to “man up, bitch,” and threatening to slap him, according to TMZ.

There is additional recorded evidence that has been presented against Clenney. Video surveillance footage shows Clenney physically attacking Obumseli in an elevator in February, two months before he was killed, according to People. (RELATED: ‘Fake Barbie’ OnlyFans Influencer Found Guilty Of Murdering Ex-Boyfriend)

There is also footage from Clenney’s building recorded 2 days before Obumseli’s murder which shows Clenney telling officers Obumseli attempted to attack her. That video shows her asking for a restraining order against him.

Clenney fled to Hawaii after she Obumseli was killed and was arrested there in August before being extradited to Miami in order to stand trial in the murder case, according to TMZ.

Leena Nasir