‘I Used To Be Scared Sh*tless’: Shaq Says He’s Sick Of Watching Ben Simmons, Also Sympathizes With Him

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I think we all know who Shaquille O’Neal is, right?

You know, the 15-time NBA all-star, three-time NBA Finals MVP, one-time NBA MVP with four NBA championship rings on his hand. Yeah, that guy.

The man should add another accolade to his resume: truth teller.

The Hall of Famer took to his program, “The Big Podcast with Shaq,” and spoke about Brooklyn Nets‘ Ben Simmons, saying that he was sick of watching him play basketball. That’s what I’m talking about Shaq! Speak that truth!

When Shaq was talking about Ben Simmons fouling out in two of his first three games of the season, curiosity peaked and yours truly looked into the rest of his foul-out stats on ESPN. In the three games after what Shaq was referencing, he racked up four in each game — if you’re not aware, you need six to be fouled out. So, let’s get this straight, because it was already bad enough; Not only is he lacking productivity (and that terminology is being extremely nice), but you can’t even trust him to stay on the court?

Because, of course, the same guy who found every excuse in the book to not play with the Philadelphia 76ers is nearly getting fouled out in every game. Why is that not surprising?

And speaking of that “lacking productivity,” to put it more appropriately: Ben Simmons has been trash this season.

Now, Shaq showed a little sympathy with Ben, saying he can relate to his struggles because people used to make fun of him all the time for having a hard time hitting free throws, but Shaq, a question for you: Were you averaging 6.2 points-per-game?

Yeah, exactly. Again, Ben Simmons has been trash this season. (RELATED: Anti-Defamation League Refuses $500,000 Donation From Kyrie Irving)

Going along with that 6.2 points-per-game stat, he also has a PER of 9.63. If you don’t know what that means, it translates to Ben Simmons being a walking dumpster that just got inflamed after a homeless guy threw a cigarette in it.

Damn, this dude is bad.