NBA Drama Continues As Dallas Mavericks’ Spencer Dinwiddie Claims Referee Cussed Him Out To Teammate


Seth Roy Contributor
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Spencer Dinwiddie of the Dallas Mavericks claimed Friday that NBA referee Tony Brothers, berated him with obscene language to a teammate following his first-half technical foul.

In a fiery post-game press conference rant, Dinwiddie said, “not only would I like my my money back but I would like to not be called a b*tch a** motherfu**er to my teammate. So if there’s anybody that feels that way about me, not naming any names, they can address me personally, face to face.”

Brother’s alleged words would be surprising. He has refed nearly 30 years without ever being involved in any serious controversies.

Despite his beef with Brothers, Dinwiddie managed to keep his cool and remained on the floor to finish the ballgame for the Mavericks’ 111-110 victory over the Toronto Raptors. He scored 21 points and had 7 assists, according to ESPN.

The incident is yet another case of NBA players destroying their product with an unending string of unnecessary controversies week after week. Whether Brothers insulted Dinwiddie is for league officials to figure out. But regardless, its another “L” for Adam Silver and the league. (RELATED:Anti-Defamation League Refuses $500,000 Donation From Kyrie Irving)

Following this cherry on top of a chaotic week of NBA basketball, Adam Silver might want to start handing out some significant fines. The more bad behavior he puts up with, the worse it gets — or as they say, garbage in, garbage out.