Watch Brooklyn Nets’ Superstar Kevin Durant Embarrass His Opponent Daniel Gafford With Sick Crossover


Seth Roy Contributor
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Brooklyn Nets’ forward Kevin Durant sent his opponent to the floor Friday night after hitting him with a nasty crossover.

Washington Wizards’ center, Daniel Gafford was guarding Durant. Yet Durant fooled him so badly that he winded up doing a split. Gafford look like he was on roller-skates before falling.

To add insult to injury, Durant knocked down the shot too as the crowd erupted.

Unfortunately for Gafford, this is the kind of play that tends to go viral, giving Durant a cool clip for his career highlight vault. (RELATED: ESPN Analyst Says Star-Studded Squad Is The ‘Most Unlikable Team’ In NBA History. Is He Right?)

Durant finished the game against the Wizards with 28 points, 11 assists, and 9 rebounds, according to ESPN.Brooklyn’s 42-point victory was much needed after a chaotic start to the season that saw their head coach get fired and their starting point-guard, Kyrie Irving, get suspended for at least five games after he shared an anti-Semitic film to his Twitter account.

Prior to the Nets’ victory Friday, there wasn’t anything for Brooklyn fans to be happy about. The Nets were four games under .500 with a 2-6 record before defeating the Wizards. Durant’s crossover had been the highlight of the Nets season.

If Brooklyn wants to have any shot of qualify for the postseason, Durant needs to get the ball on almost every possession. There’s only a few players in the league that are capable of doing stuff like this on the basketball court and K.D. is one of them.