Lunar Eclipse Will Turn Moon Blood-Red On Election Day

(Photo by CARL DE SOUZA/AFP via Getty Images)

Alexander Pease Contributor
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A lunar eclipse will turn the moon a blood-red color in North America on Tuesday morning.

For the first time in recorded history, a lunar eclipse is set to occur on Election Day before American voters take to the polls, according to The space phenomena will alter the moon to a reddish color, officially known as “Beaver Blood Moon,” according to Live Science. (RELATED: EPSTEIN: Google Is Shifting Votes On A Massive Scale, But A Solution Is At Hand)

The best views of the space oddity will be reserved for residents in the Western portion of the U.S., as well as the Hawaiian islands. Certain portions of Asia, the Indonesian islands in addition to New Zealand and Australia will get a taste of the astronomical action Tuesday night. (RELATED: Space Station Spots ‘Largest Ever Seen’ Gas Plumes Over Turkmenistan, New Mexico, Iran)

During the third and final stage of the eclipse, the total eclipse, the moon will be seen in some variation of either orange or red, according to The total lunar eclipse is set to occur at around 5 a.m. EST.

Coincidentally, there has been an abundance of media buzz circulating a wave of Republican success in the upcoming election cycle. Overcoming incumbent Congressional Democrats in deep blue states like New York and Oregon is a hallmark of the discussion.

The planet Uranus will also be easily available for anyone carefully looking, noted.