ROOKE: America Needs To Bring Back Shame

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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It’s time we started culling the societal herd of weirdos and degenerates by shaming them out of the mainstream.

We’ve long used shame as an essential tool in shaping our common morality with great success. Since the fall of man, it has acted as a blunt reminder to stay the course as we grow up past childhood and enter the age of reason.

Generational understandings – like that men can never be women, it’s actually a good thing to be faithful and loving to your spouse, and obesity isn’t beautiful – were kept intact until society’s gatekeepers grew meek.

Without strong porters, a coterie of fringe residents successfully bullied our leaders into ending the practice of public damnation. As a result, our communities are broken, and the weak are indoctrinated into destructive lifestyles that only serve to further the decline.

The sad reality is that people are still publicly humiliated but feel no sense of self and, therefore, no shame when stripped of their human dignity.

Take transgender activists, for example. Their more rabid members are often the ones who are males attempting but failing (miserably) to pass as female. These men correctly purchase wigs, make-up, and women’s clothes to ensure every piece of the female costume is correct, except that feminity isn’t something you can buy at Ulta Beauty. With or without it, they look like androgynous goliaths ready to break your neck for misgendering their adam’s apple.

Preventing these men from taking up women’s private spaces would have never been a question just one generation ago. If a man saw another man dressed as a woman attempting to enter a female locker room, the cross-dresser would be on the floor. It would be an unconscionable offense to break the sanctity of a women’s only space.

But in modern America, we are too afraid to hurt the clearly insane gentleman’s feelings. So instead of protecting the vulnerable from the mentally infirmed, the man gets to put his anatomy on the changing room bench while sitting next to your 10-year-old daughter.

Shaming the degenerates back to the fringe was a given in a society where strong men reigned with loyal women by their side. However, as women grew more liberal (thanks to the disasters of feminism), their once steadfast support of their husbands turned inward to self-promotion of their own ego. (RELATED: ROOKE: No Mercy, No Quarter: It’s Time To Crush The Branch Covidians)

The Survey Center on American Life found that liberal women, compared to conservative women, are more likely to excuse cheating if a woman is at fault and judge men harsher for the same infraction. Among women, only 56% believe it is always wrong for wives to cheat on their husbands, while a whopping 70% believe it is wrong if a man cheats. Moreover, the survey found that 57% of the public believes men are treated better in society than women despite “relatively few women report[ing] that people treat them worse because of their gender.”

Women wonder why men don’t risk their lives to save us from danger. Why would a man run into an altercation that could end his life for a woman with so little respect for him or the Sacrament of Marriage that she would excuse her infidelity as if it were casual frivolity? If they want to be protected, they should replace their search for self-love and practice more self-reproach.

The ability to laugh off being terrible wives as part of a woman’s quirky personality is the same reason the nation’s rising body mass index (BMI) is being ignored. The sane grew weak and lost out to the mentally ill warriors running successful victims inc. campaigns like “love is love” and the body positivity movement.

Being morbidly obese isn’t a healthy lifestyle, much less a sanative fashion trend. But because a bunch of girls got anorexia in the mid-90s, it seems the whole country is doomed to be fat as a consequence. Shame would have prevented the viral videos of an objectively overweight Lizzo twerking with a priceless historical artifact from being sold to Americans as some major win for the love yourself, not your size campaign.

For years we mocked HoneyBooBoo and the BooBoo Clan for their ‘sketti’ meals of ketchup, noodles, and hydrogenated oil because it was a grotesque caricature of a healthy family.

Telling someone they are beautiful in the body God designed for them does not mean you ignore the severe health implications one has when tracking their BMI is replaced with reading daily affirmations written by a Sarah Lawrence butterface with a Ph.D.

Shame allows us to put the genie back into the bottle by making it socially unacceptable to continue to be a degenerate. Americans need not be afraid to chastise those who bring their mental health issues into the public square. We can’t continue to be the society that allows people dressed as purple cats to roam the streets without ridicule.

Mary Rooke is a Catholic mom of four and author of the Daily Caller’s column featuring based takes on modern-day insanities. She also writes analysis for Patriot subscribers.

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