REPORT: Blended Festival CEO ‘Missing’ And $6 Million In Debt


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The founder and CEO of the Blended Festival, Sean Evans, has reportedly gone “missing” while accused of being more than $6 million in debt to vendors, staff, talent and investors.

Evans reportedly disappeared after the festival’s Nashville dates on Sept. 10 and 11, where performers such as Lil Jon, The Chainsmokers, Loud Luxury and others entertained the crowd, and were set to reunite for other shows across the country, according to PageSix. Since going missing, Evans was accused of “racking up over $6 million in unpaid debt from the festival” after “leaving hundreds of employees, vendors, talents, and investors holding their hands out to get paid,” sources told the outlet.

Evans has been “absent as of October 1st,” after he “disabled staff emails and left the team with no answers to be found,” according to the third party team running the festival’s Instagram account.

“Unfortunately, it appears Evans is the sole owner of [My Wine Society] and Blended Fest, and the sole individual with access to bank accounts, payroll, ticketing, and decisions to be made on behalf of Blended,” the statement continued.

Country music star Ernest commented on the post, writing “been sayin Fyre Fest 2.0… not y’all’s fault… dudes a fraud.” PageSix claimed to have received an email from Evans on October 5, which said, “Yesterday morning, I experienced a minor heart attack, specifically a form of cardiomyopathy… It’s been a bit scary… I’ve got some lifestyle decisions to make. I’m probably going to move to email only for a little while so I can manage the amount of input I receive.” (RELATED: ‘A Scam’: Kanye West Rips BLM After Wearing ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirt)

The sources told PageSix that “the legitimacy of this claim is questionable, and no one can find proof of his being hospitalized.” However, he allegedly sent another email Oct. 10 in which he stated that his companies would be dissolved while they search for someone to buy them. Screenshots of this email were posted by the third-party running the festival’s Instagram account.