EXCLUSIVE: Concerned Women For America Endorse Rep. Jim Banks For Majority Whip, If GOP Takes Back House

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Concerned Women for America (CWA) President Penny Nance sent a letter Monday to Republican Indiana Rep. Jim Banks endorsing him for Majority Whip if Republicans take back the House.

The Daily Caller first obtained the letter from the conservative Christian organization, which lays out Nance’s reasoning for endorsing Banks to be the next whip in a Republican-majority House.

“It is my honor to endorse you for Majority Whip. During your tenure as Chair of the Republican Study Committee, you have demonstrated conservative leadership. Your legislative record reflects an investment and adept understanding of the concerns that affect every daughter, sister, mother, and grandmother in this country,” Nance wrote in the letter.

“You faithfully use your platform to shepherd fellow legislators through the pressing issues of the day. I also know you to be a person of deep faith, which you use to guide how you treat others with dignity and respect,” she added.

Nance also mentions Banks’ fight against radical gender ideology, his support for the Hyde Amendment and his record of “serv[ing] the voiceless unborn.” She also said she agrees with Banks that “families are the building blocks of our nation.”


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Banks is currently competing with National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Chairman Rep. Tom Emmer and Georgia Rep. Drew Ferguson to become majority whip if Republicans take back the House in the midterms. In late October, Donald Trump Jr. contrasted Emmer unfavorably with Banks, saying the Indiana congressman is trying to move leadership further to the right, while Emmer is not. (RELATED: Republicans Tear Into One Of Their Leaders For Requesting ‘Social Justice’ Highway Money From Buttigieg)

“Banks is trying to move leadership in a more conservative direction and Emmer agrees with Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg that our highways are racist. You can’t make this stuff up,” Trump Jr. told the Caller. (RELATED: Republicans Jockey For Leadership Role As House Expected To Flip: REPORT)

American Principles Project (APP) President Terry Schilling mentioned Emmer’s voting record in Congress, specifically his 2019 vote to approve an amendment that blocks the Pentagon from using funds to implement President Donald Trump’s transgender military ban.

Emmer voted with eight other Republicans and Democrats to block funding for Trump’s transgender military ban.

“It’s rare for conservative groups to get involved in GOP leadership races, but these are not normal times. The stakes are high and this is just too important,” Schilling told the Caller. “We cannot pick a liberal Republican like Tom Emmer for House Whip. His record is absolutely terrible, he opposed President Trump’s transgender military ban, and there’s no doubt he would work to stymie our pro-family agenda if selected.”

Emmer’s office did not immediately respond to the Caller’s inquiry about CWA’s endorsement of Banks.