Dear Kay: My Son Is A Semi-Professional Nudist In The Bay Area. I Think He’s On Psychedelics. Should I Be Worried?


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Dear Kay: my son is a semi-professional nudist in the Bay Area. He lives in a dilapidated broken down school bus outside of a commune home where he has multiple sexual partners of various genders and races. He’s also obsessed with Nancy Pelosi’s bombs. Should I be worried that he’s on psychedelic drugs? — Sincerely, A Common Sense Parent.

Dear Common Sense,

I can’t say I’m surprised your son has chosen to live his off-grid, anti-society life in the Bay Area. San Francisco and the state of California in general has become an open air insane asylum for America’s forgotten children. Drug use is rampant amongst California’s transient and homeless population, so I would definitely be concerned about his mental health, especially given his obsession with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s bombs.

I would say call your son. Check in regularly. Maybe he’s up to no good. Maybe he’s just looking at a Kaleidoscope of colors. Maybe he’s blogging insane nonsense about Jews. You won’t know until you talk to him.

Psychedelics aren’t bad when used for the right reasons. There is a growing body of evidence that psychedelic drugs, like mushrooms and cacti, were part of our normal spiritual and ritual practices throughout history. We used these drugs to gain access to heightened degrees of our humanity and soulfulness. While I actually think that our detachment from natural psychoactive substances is a bad thing for our species, it sounds like your son might be into some other stuff.

San Francisco is the best place for anyone who wants to use any drugs without being bothered by law enforcement or anyone else who can help them. Homeless people in the Bay Area have also boasted about having access to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and being paid by the city to remain in their state of decline.

Now that the Biden administration is funding crack pipes and “safe injection sites” for heroin use, I would be more concerned about your son using these types of drugs. Have you considered putting up billboards like some mothers had to when the state wouldn’t step in to help them find their missing drug addicted children?

Of course, the worst drug of all is socialism. San Francisco used to be a thriving pedestrian metropolis, a sprawling center of artistic, scientific, and technological innovation. Unfortunately, a small group of people took the idea of open thinking way too far, and decided that even violence, theft, and various other criminal activities weren’t actually all that bad.

They also decided that drug abuse, one of the most deadly mental illnesses plaguing America, is also a good thing. Some foreign billionaire then started funding politicians to run on these socialist platforms, which led to the San Francisco we see today. This is the worst side effect of the mind altering substance called socialism. (RELATED: Tornadoes Ravage Three States, Killing At Least Two People)

Citizens in the Bay Area are already taking things into their own hands when it comes to dealing with the rampant crime spurred on by the unmitigated drug epidemic. Considering the scale of your son’s delusions — his obsession with Nancy Pelosi’s bombs — I strong urge you to do the same. Go and save him before he becomes another statistic, like so many in the failed state of California.