Elon Musk Goes Full Twitter Sheriff On ‘Comedian’ Kathy Griffin

(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for Heidi Klum)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Twitter owner Elon Musk suspended continuously-aspiring comedian Kathy Griffin’s account Sunday for breaching the platform’s new impersonation rules.

Griffin, who is still clawing her way into the comedy scene despite working in entertainment since 1980, changed the name of her verified Twitter account to “Elon Musk” shortly before she was suspended over the weekend. Earlier in the day, Musk tweeted a heavy warning that any accounts engaging in impersonation without specifying their “parody” status,would be permanently suspended, suggesting that Griffin changed her name as a joke (and she wonders why no one thinks she’s funny).

Conservative commentator Benny Johnson shared a screenshot of Griffin’s suspended account, claiming that she’d been banned for pretending to be Musk. A few hours later, Musk responded to Johnson saying that “actually, she was suspended for impersonating a comedian.” (RELATED: Jack Dorsey Is Finally Clear On His Future With Twitter)

Listen, I hate social media more than plastic-tasting cheese and the smell in New York City, but since Musk took over Twitter, it has finally been outed as the middle school playground it always has been and it’s hilarious to watch. It’s even funnier to see that no one in real life really cares — the only people who care are on Twitter, talking about Twitter, wanting their Twitter fame.

Musk tweeted that he is willing to give Griffin her account back, but it’s going to cost her $8 a month. I look forward to watching the evolution of this story and how Musk continues to evolve Twitter into the new go-to real-time platform for comedy. Maybe we’ll finally all stop taking it more seriously than we take real life.