‘So Many People … Just Buy Into It’: Joe Rogan Praises Matt Walsh For His Takedown Of ‘Crazy’ Trans Activists


Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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Podcast host Joe Rogan praised Daily Wire podcaster Matt Walsh for calling out “crazy” transgender activists for supporting children undergoing gender transitioning procedures.

Rogan praised Walsh’s documentary, “What Is A Woman?,” which investigates investigating the impact of the transgender ideology by interviewing both pro and anti-trans individuals. The “Joe Rogan Experience” host said the documentary, released in June, is the “most eye-opening” film about the phenomenon.

“I think you did it masterfully,” Rogan told Walsh. “You just let these people explain themselves the way they would talk if you weren’t there. The way they would talk to people who agree with what they’re saying and by not pushing back, I think you allow them to let all the crazy out, and it’s like, it’s hard to describe to people that aren’t aware of what’s going on and how wild this stuff has gotten.”

Walsh said that those promoting the ideology do not have a definition of what a woman is, despite being adamant that those identifying as women are women.

“If you’re a woman, I know what a woman was before, but if now we’re including a guy like Bruce [Jenner], then what is a woman now?” Walsh asked. “And so I started asking this question, it’s really basic, just like, what is a woman, what are we trying to say about womanhood? I couldn’t get anyone to answer it.”

Rogan agreed with Walsh that he accomplished his goal to have gender ideology bury itself with its own inconsistencies.

“It’s so strange to me how so many people on the left, people that before this I generally respected their opinion, just buy into it wholesale,” Rogan added.

He went on to criticize the political left for buying into the idea that hormonal procedures, puberty blockers and sex reassignment surgeries prevent kids from committing suicide. Walsh said parents are panicking after being told that their child will become suicidal without the procedures, but that it is not true.

“The suicide stuff is just so sinister because this is the emotional blackmail that they tell parents, that you know, your daughter identifies as your son now and then the now classic line is would you rather have a dead daughter or a living son? You have to affirm this or your daughter is going to kill themselves,” Walsh said.

The Daily Wire host cited studies that the highest rates of suicide occurs years after transition. He said the children are being used as “guinea pigs” to experiment on these procedures since there is no long term records on this. (RELATED: ‘What Is A Woman?’: Matt Walsh Challenges ‘Non-Binary’ Guests On Transgenderism) 

Rogan added that these can cause a lot of health problems in individuals who began using the substances before going through puberty.

“They’re saying this now out in the open, when people have for the last few years, promoting this as if it’s a pause button,” Rogan said.

“And it’s just absurd, because that’s not how human biology works,” Walsh added. “A lot of what they claim, intuitively, it doesn’t make any sense. It defies common sense even before you look at the data, and then you look at the data and you realize yeah, it doesn’t make any sense. What’s being claimed that you can put a child in a state of suspended animation where they’re kind of lingering on pause, that’s not how the human body works.”

He listed a pill commonly used for puberty blockage known as lupron, which is a chemically castration drug historically used on sex offenders and men diagnosed with prostate cancer. He said these procedures permanently sterilizes children before they know what they have given up.

Five states — Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, Arizona and Florida — have banned or restricted these procedures for minors, according to KFF. Fifteen states are considering 25 pieces of legislation.