‘Fool’s Gold’: Van Jones Said Democrats Foolishly Thought Talking About Threat To Democracy Would Work

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN’s Van Jones said Monday that Democrats mistakenly thought focusing on alleged threats to Democracy was the winning strategy for the midterms.

President Joe Biden and several other prominent Democrats have repeatedly claimed that Democracy is on the line in Tuesday’s election.

Biden gave a speech Wednesday night saying “American democracy is under attack,” while House Majority whip James Clyburn said recently that voters wouldn’t be stupid enough to choose lower gas prices over “voting rights” and democracy. MSNBC political analyst Matthew Dowd compared Republicans concerned about inflation to Adolf Hitler saying the GOP poses a threat to democracy.

Jones said while the threat to democracy is real, Democrats missed their opportunity to talk about the economy.

“Well, listen, a lot of the actual campaigns on the ground were focusing on the economy, but you’re correct, I think there was this kind of fool’s gold, this idea that the threat to democracy is so severe in the wake of this insurrection and wake of these election deniers possibly grabbing control of the government, that that was something that you had to talk about,” Jones said.


“But you also have to talk about the economy. I think the tragedy here is that the Democrats have something to say on the economy.” (RELATED: ‘Let’s Be Real About That’: CNN Analyst Says Dems Are On Defense In NYS)

Jones said Democrats should have “been saying ‘wait until Republicans shut down the government to knock out social security and Medicare. Wait until prescription drug prices go up.’ But we didn’t focus enough fire power on that issue, and I think it is going to potentially cost us.”

Ninety-three percent of voters are concerned with inflation, while three out of four Democrats polled said the economy would play a role in who they vote for, a Morning Consult/Politico poll found. The same poll also found 46% of voters trusted Republicans in Congress to handle inflation while just 37% trust Democrats.