Whitney Cummings Is On OnlyFans … But It’s Not What You Think

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous comedian Whitney Cummings is now on OnlyFans, but she’s using the platform for adult jokes, not nude selfies and videos.

Reporters caught up with Cummings and asked her to confirm the rumors that they heard about her being featured on the platform. “I’m on OnlyFans now, I’m making the first TV series too, were gonna do some roasts,” Cummings told TMZ. She told fans she was going “back to old school roasts, the way we used to do them,” and commented on how people are too offended by her jokes on other platforms.

Reporters asked Cummings if she was planning to use her OnlyFans to post nude photos and videos. “Every now and then I take a Nyquil and things get crazy,” Cummings said. “You never know, you never know with me.”

The comedian then went on to talk about her new approach to comedy. “It’s a brand new platform. I think comics are getting kind of frustrated right now with this censorship thing with YouTube and Instagram, getting demonetized or getting the platform saying our jokes are hate speech and when really we’re just trying to make people laugh,” Cummings said.

“Instead of dirty photos or dirty videos, we’ll have some dirty jokes out there, because a lot of people on Twitter are being dorks and being snitches,” Cummings said. (RELATED: 48-Year-Old Reality TV Star Fades Away From OnlyFans Because Her Dad Was Embarrassed)


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She pulled in the reigns a bit and recognized that her type of humor is not for everyone. “But also we’re forcing jokes on people in the middle of the day they maybe aren’t asking for,” Cummings told TMZ.

Cummings credited the platform for benefitting women and providing some much needed income for many individuals. “OnlyFans has given more money to women than most Hollywood studios,” she said.

Cummings said the idea to move to OnlyFans came from Cardi B.

“If it’s good enough for Cardi B its good enough for me. I go everywhere Cardi B goes,”she said