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Carter Creek: The Story of One Man Making a Difference Through Marijuana

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From being a consistent law offender to owning the giant cannabis manufacturing plant in Oklahoma, Slim’s redemption story began with weed. It was a debated topic amongst members of the parliament in the 80s and the community over the legalization of marijuana for any purpose.

Coming from a Christian and spiritual home, his dad, a banker, and his mom were highly respectable individuals in the community. Growing up in Oklahoma, his family was Baptist and didn’t tolerate negative behavior or influences.

From a young age, he started selling marijuana products for his best friend’s dad, a state outlaw. He was a minor, so his punishment would be lighter if he got caught. Slim continued to sell these products till he started experimenting with methamphetamine. At the age of 16, he was incarcerated.

“When I turned 16, I became a full-blown meth addict. I didn’t even respect marijuana back then. I just saw it as an instrument to make money – a commodity. So I got busted a few times and made a deal with the judge that I would quit growing pot.” Says Slim.

After receiving a prison sentence of seven years, he spent his jail term in complete solitude. This was where his redemption came. He took back his bible and began to study the word. He began to understand God for who he was and what the religion stood for.

In jail, he was offered an opportunity for a rehabilitation program known as the Oklahoma drug court program. During his final stage for graduation, he was to run a lie detector test. When asked if he was going to stop consuming marijuana, he declined. His honest statement made the judge strike a deal with him. He would keep Slim out of prison if he quit growing pot, and he agreed.

In 2018, the state of Oklahoma legalized medicinal marijuana. Slim saw this as an opportunity to commercialize his marijuana passion and positively impact the community. He began researching healthy ways to consume marijuana products. Slim decided to think out of the box by cultivating weed indoors.

Through rigorous planning and thinking, Carter Creek was born. With over 18,000 followers on Instagram, he knew he would stand the tide. His delicate species of marijuana are grown using an indoor grow. After his business launch in 2019, it has seen sporadic growth in profit.

Though the cannabis sector is still growing in the state, he has out-passed competitors in California due to excess taxes. He’s also a real estate investor and developer, making housing a reality in Hochatown.

With 10,000 competitors on his neck, he distributes to 400,000 individuals per month. Cater Creek is estimated to generate over $10 million in profit by the end of 2022. Triple the figure is expected by 2023 as his dispensaries expand. He has been selected as a keynote speaker a panelist for one of the biggest marijuana conventions in Oklahoma. His craft is finally getting recognition.


Every great idea starts with a move. After many adversities, Slim decided to change his way and make a difference. He put his addiction to good use.

Slim started selling marijuana to educate the populace and became an expert in the field. He also runs a consulting service for farmers seeking to grow organic marijuana on their farms. Slim’s story is truly an admirable one.