‘They Had No Message’: CNN Commentator Says Democrats Will Pay The Price For Not Listening To Voters

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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CNN commentator and Republican political strategist David Urban said Tuesday that Democrats had no message and failed to resonate with voters.

Democratic strategist and commentator Hilary Rosen began the panel by talking about how President Joe Biden alienated voters by “aligning” them with fascists for “voting for their pocketbook.”

Urban interjected, saying that Biden was not an encouraging candidate and Democrats dropped the ball.

“Nobody was enthusiastic about Joe Biden this entire election cycle,” Urban said. “There is no energy. The guy is a terrible messenger. Hilary is right, no message. They had no message. People are telling you, poll after poll, here are the things that are important to us, the economy, crime, resonating big, and they continue to – Democrats continue to message on things that people really didn’t care about that much. And having Joe Biden as your lead messenger, tough, right? It is really tough. You’re swimming against the current to begin with, you get a bad messenger, you have a bad outcome.”


Urban said “kitchen table issues” like crime and the economy are priorities for voters, whereas “abortion, voter integrity, democracy, all those things poll but poll lower.” (RELATED: ‘Fool’s Gold’: Van Jones Said Democrats Foolishly Thought Talking About Threat To Democracy Would Work)

“People are concerned about paying their bills. That – you don’t have the luxury of worrying about all the other issues if you can’t pay your rent,” Urban added.

Poll show voters are increasingly concerned with inflation, with 93% of voters saying inflation was a big concern and three out of four Democrats polled saying the economy would play a role in who they vote for, a Morning Consult/Politico poll found. The poll also found 46% of voters trusted Republicans in Congress to handle inflation while just 37% trust Democrats.