‘Hispanic Voters Are Behaving Like Working Class Whites’: NBC Reporter Says GOP Poised For Big Wins In Florida

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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NBC’s national political reporter Marc Caputo said Tuesday that Hispanic voters are “behaving like working class whites” and predicted Republicans will do well in Florida.

MSNBC’s national political correspondent Steve Kornacki was breaking down the numbers in Florida that showed promising signs for Republicans, to which Caputo agreed.

“It’s a story that you are seeing nationwide. One, outside of Miami-Dade, white voters, working class voters are increasingly shifting Republican. Hispanic voters are increasingly behaving like working class whites, and that accounts for a great amount of shift in Miami-Dade,” Caputo said. “We’re talking hundreds of thousands of votes, to Steve’s point.”


Caputo said in 2018 Democrats were ahead in early and absentee ballots but as of Tuesday, Republicans were up in the same county even though Democrats outnumber Republicans. Caputo also noted that statewide, Republicans early and absentee ballots already cast exceed that of Democrats.

“We are talking 315,000 vote advantage,” Caputo said. “Just because a Republican casts a ballot doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a vote for a Republican and vice versa, but it’s a good way to measure the intensity and right now that intensity is totally with the Republicans.” (RELATED: Black, Hispanic Voters Are Fleeing The Democratic Party For The GOP)

A recent survey conducted by Telemundo/LX News amongst 625 likely Hispanic voters found incumbent Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis leads Democratic challenger Charlie Crist 51% to 44%, according to Axios. Among those polled 56% approve of DeSantis.

DeSantis lost Miami-Dade County by 20 percentage points in 2018, according to Axios. Former Gov. Jeb Bush was the last Republican to win the county in 20 years.

Republicans nationwide appear to be doing well among Hispanic voters, with a recent Quinnipiac University poll finding Republicans have 46% of Hispanic support amongst registered voters while Democrats have 42%.

Inflation and crime, while a priority for voters across the board, also remain a top concern amongst Latino voters, an Ipsos and Axios poll found.