Sports Commentator Laughs So Hard He Soils His Pants On Air


Matthew Holloway Contributor
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CBS Sports Radio producer and contributor Shaun Morash experienced a humiliating ordeal during Thursday’s broadcast of The D.A. Show hosted by Damon Amendolara.

After he recounted a humorous story of the Philly Phanatic mock-relieving himself on Phillys Third Baseman Mike Schmidt to the raucous laughter of all three hosts, Morash slipped from his chair collapsing in a fit of coughing laughter.

Morash then jerked to his feet and told his cohorts “I just went in my pants,” as he unplugged his headphones and rushed to the restroom.

Amendolara described the scene for listening audiences between laughs,

“I said something that you can’t say that Morash said the Phillie Fanatic was doing to Mike Schmidt‘s chest,” Amendolara explained according to Mediaite. “And as soon as I said that, Pete jumped up, slammed the dump button, and said, ‘can’t say that.’”

“Morash melted down laughing and then got off the ground after laughing held his butt cheeks and said I just went in my pants and waddled out of the studio.”

“He got up and clenched and had to waddle, like Jaylen Waddle, out in the newsroom,” referencing the Miami Dolphins wide receiver.

“On the one hand I’m glad that he laughed so loud, it must have been funny,” Amendolara said after Morash left the room. “On the other hand I’m really terrified of a guy that if you laugh really loud, can’t control the bowels.”

Morash re-emerged from the restroom and entered the studio with his head down in embarrassment moments later. “I laughed too hard up and friction down, luckily it wasn’t mega poundage,” he explained before rising from his chair to show his colleagues the evident wet spot on the back of his pants, not visible to the cameras. His colleagues then exploded with howls of disgust and laughter.

“It’s like somebody dumped a milkshake down his pants!” Amendolara yelled, disgustedly.

Morash would later describe it according to, that a “volcano erupted” in his pants.

Tweeting a video clip of the incident Morash seemed to take it in good humor, cracking a joke about his mother in the process.

“My mother can’t make it 3 aisles into a Stop and Shop run. I blame her,” he wrote.