Israel Adesanya Says He Once ‘Busted A Nut’ To Cut Weight Before A Fight

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — User: @TaylorRooks]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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At least it worked.

UFC fighter Israel Adesanya recently had an interview with Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report, and he was asked what was the craziest thing that he’s ever done to cut weight before a bout. You knew it was weird from the get-go because of how Israel was reacting, and he hesitated to answer for the longest time, but when he finally got over the nervous fear, he straight up said it: “I busted a nut.”

The thing is, being a fan of professional wrestling and keeping tabs on the UFC, you hear some weird stories, and this is just another of those times for yours truly.

The wife had an interesting question when she was listening: “Does it really weigh 100 grams?”

‘It’ being referred to, well, nut. (Who the hell knew this was on the blogging agenda today?) Good question though. (RELATED: All-Out Brawl Breaks Out At Venezuelan Baseball Game, Fans Get Involved)

You can’t really hate on Israel here. After all, it did work, and when you’re in a tight spot, you gotta do what you gotta do. Wrestling and fighting definitely comes in that territory when you’re doing last minute weigh-ins for a bout, so you have to respect the honesty here. He totally could have lied, he didn’t have to reveal a damn thing, and completely understand the hesitation to — who the hell wants to talk about that?

But shout out to Israel Adesanya for keepin’ it G.