REVIEW: ‘Tulsa King’ Is Going To Make Hollywood Hate Taylor Sheridan’s Talent Forever


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Trust me when I say that “Tulsa King” is the best thing to happen to television since it was invented in 1927.

Hollywood already doesn’t like Taylor Sheridan, writer and creator of such hit shows and films as “Yellowstone” and “Hell or High Water.” They snubbed him from the Emmy Awards this year, mostly because he doesn’t follow their rules. He’s smart, funny, talented, not woke and doesn’t bow down to the entertainment faux-royalty by dumbing down his work.

His newest show, “Tulsa King,” which comes out this weekend on the Paramount Network, is going to make Hollywood hate Sheridan even more, because it could well end up as the top rated show of all time. It isn’t just clever and laugh-out-loud funny, it’s an intellectual piece of entertainment that encapsulates the true diversity of modern America in which everyone is equal. Each of his characters is a star, a jester, and riddled with the type of flaws that make all of us human.

The show follows the life of a New York gangster (Sylvester Stallone) as he’s released from a 25-year prison sentence and tries to return to his crew. Instead, a new generation of the mob sends him to live in Oklahoma, cultivating the perfect “comedy of errors” that Sheridan envisioned while making the show.

Sheridan’s ability to mock city folks without saying a word is magical. He rips apart the Millennial and Gen Z generations in a way that is utterly justified. No one’s feelings are spared. Everyone should be humbled by the portrayal of their demographic.

Aside from the writing, the technical elements of “Tulsa King” are superb. The opening credits is the best long-form sequence I’ve seen. It’s beautifully shot, but of course it is; we’re used to that from Sheridan.

The two biggest surprises for me were leading actors Andrea Savage and Stallone. Savage gets second billing, and by the end of the first episode, you can basically see “GOAT” written on her forehead. She’s going to win every single award under the sun for her work in this show.

Stallone? Well at his ripe old age, you’d think he’d be a little weathered. The reality (and I’m sorry for writing this, mum) is that Stallone is sexy as heck. He’s talented, we all know that, but he’s got this charisma that is going to make women finally remember what a real man is meant to be. (RELATED: More Spoilers Leak On Upcoming Season 5 Of ‘Yellowstone’)

I’m also very interested to see where Garrett Hedlund’s character goes. I’ve been waiting for this kid to pick up a part that’ll launch him into the stratosphere, and I think this is it. My only hope is that he one day portrays Daily Caller’s very own Richie McGinniss in whatever epic is made of his life.

Needless to say, this show gets 15/10 from me. It’s already a favorite, and I have incredibly high expectations for how this story will unfold. The first episode airs Nov. 13. Watch it on Paramount.