EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Ben Carson Calls On Doctors To Stop Giving Sex-Change Treatment To Minors

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Diana Glebova White House Correspondent
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Doctors around the country should stand up and refuse to administer sex-change surgeries to minors, neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson told the Daily Caller in an exclusive interview.

The Biden administration and Democrats, including President Joe Biden, have advocated for children to receive irreversible sex-change treatments, which they describe as “gender affirming care.” Many hospitals and states across the country support the treatments, including puberty blockers, chemical castration and the removal of healthy sex tissue, while others have made moves to set restrictions for minors. (RELATED: Biden Says He’s In Favor Of Minors Getting Irreversible Sex-Change Treatment)

“If you were working at a hospital and your hospital approached you and asked you to perform sex-change treatment on a minor, what would you do?” the Caller asked Carson, the former director of pediatric neurosurgery at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

“I would absolutely, adamantly refuse, in all circumstances,” Carson said.

“There’s a reason why they’re called minors. They don’t really know a lot of things, and they learn over the course of time as they become mature,” he added. “I suspect that in the future we will look back on this period of transgenderism and say, ‘How could those people be so foolish?'”

The Caller then asked Carson what he would advise for doctors who are currently practicing medicine.

“I would strongly recommend to doctors who currently practice that they remember the Hippocratic Oath, and that they first do no harm,” the former presidential candidate said. “And that they recognize that they’re expected to lead out in this area, and not be followers, and not be sheeple. But lead out, and to help people understand that children are in the process of maturation.”

“What little girl hasn’t wanted to climb trees like girls or put on their father’s tool belt? What little boy hasn’t had the curiosity to put his foot in his mother’s high heel? Does that mean that they want to change their sex? Some people seem to think so,” Carson added, stressing again that children are in the state of “maturation” and shouldn’t be able to make such important decisions. (RELATED: Majority Of American Voters, Including Many Democrats, Oppose Sex-Change Surgeries For Minors: POLL)

A majority of Americans, 65%, believe the transgender movement has gone too far in recommending minors get sex-change treatment, a poll released by Summit Ministries in conjunction with McLaughlin and Associates found in October. Only 21% of respondents said that the movement had not gone too far in its sex-change treatment recommendations.

Carson also offered an informal assessment of Biden’s mental health, saying that the president has signs of dementia. Biden has refused to publish his mental acuity test, despite a majority of Americans saying they have concerns about the cognitive abilities of the oldest president in American history.