Chris Christie Warns GOP Will Never Win An Election Without Wisconsin, Michigan And Pennsylvania

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Former Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Sunday on ABC News that Republicans will never win another presidential election without winning Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Christie joined ABC’s “This Week” alongside Donna Brazile, who said she was unsure if president Joe Biden would run for reelection but noted the president has time to decide. Brazile said Biden “has a little pep in his step” after Democrats won Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Christie said Brazile raised a good point and issued a warning to Republicans.

“I think Donna made an interesting point that Republicans need to think about Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. There is no scenario under which Republicans can win the presidency in 2024 and lose all three of those states, they can’t, the electoral math doesn’t work. Those candidates lost in my view, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, because they were seen as unstable, Trump-like candidates in all three of those states and the governor’s races, so we’ve got an assessment to make, are we the party of me or the party of us? The party of Donald Trump … or the party who represents the rest of the country?”

“That’s the huge decision that has to be made in the next two years and the presidential process will help to decide that,” Christie continued.

Republicans lost Michigan’s governor race and both the senate and gubernatorial race in Pennsylvania. Incumbent Republican Sen. Ron Johnson held onto his senate seat in Wisconsin.