‘Underdogs’: Blake Masters Slams Republican Strategy, Spending Decisions While Conceding Arizona Senate Race

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Sarah Wilder Social Issues Reporter
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Blake Masters ripped into the Republican midterm strategy and spending decisions on Tuesday as he conceded the Arizona Senate race on Twitter.

“I called and congratulated Mark Kelly this morning. There was obviously a lot of problems with this election but there is no path forward in my race,” Masters wrote.

After thanking campaign volunteers and staffers as well as his wife, parents, and children, Masters described the Republicans as “underdogs.” (RELATED: Pelosi Calls Sean Maloney’s Electoral Defeat A ‘Pyrrhic Victory’ For Republicans)

“I was outspent by over $70 million. That’s what happens when you take on the national Democrat machine, the media, the universities, Big Tech, and woke corporations.”

Forecasters projected that Mark Kelly would defeat Masters on Friday following significant delays in the state’s vote count.

Blake Masters has criticized Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell on multiple occasions for what he described as missteps in McConnell’s handling of the midterm elections. Shortly after election night, Masters said on Tucker Carlson Tonight that McConnell “doesn’t deserve” a leadership post. Before the election, Masters had also said that the Republican Party needs “new leadership” other than McConnell, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz has also joined the attacks, blaming McConnell for blowing an “extraordinary opportunity” in the midterms

The Senate Leadership Fund (SLF), associated with McConnell, reportedly canceled nearly $10 million in advertising earmarked for Masters in September.

McConnell did fundraise for Master during the midterms, despite the tension between the two Republicans. Punchbowl reported in September that McConnell would be the special guest at a fundraising event for Masters.

Less than a week before the midterms, NBC News reported that the Trump-backed PAC MAGA Inc. had spent over $16 million in key races in states like Arizona and Georgia, including $3.9 million on Masters.