Surprise, Surprise: The Brooklyn Nets Already Have ‘Frustration’ With Ben Simmons

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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The Brooklyn Nets are reportedly already frustrated with Ben Simmons. Shocking.

Just like the Philadelphia 76ers were once upon a time, the Brooklyn Nets have now grown concerned about Ben Simmons, and this feeling has been with the franchise for weeks, according to The Athletic‘s Shams Charania and Sam Amick.

“According to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the situation, the frustration surrounding Simmons had been building in recent weeks within the organization,” Charania and Amick wrote. “The coaching staff and players have been concerned about his availability and level of play, with some questioning his passion for the game, those sources said. But even when he did play, Simmons’ struggles in his first nine games this season were part of the Nets frustration as well.”

According to the same report from The Athletic, Brooklyn Nets player Markieff Morris essentially called out Ben Simmons during a players-only meeting on Oct. 29 after an at-home loss to the Indiana Pacers. Morris said in front of the entire team that Simmons has to succeed in order for them to win and that he needs to properly deal with adversity.

Throughout my time in sports journalism and as a sports blogger, I’ve done plenty of trash-talking about Ben Simmons, but I’m actually going to defend him here.

He was actually pretty decent in Brooklyn’s 153-121 blowout loss, scoring 11 points off of 71.4% shooting and adding five rebounds to the mix. That might not sound like a lot, but it was literally Simmons’ best game of the year — because, of course, Ben Simmons would have his best game of the year in a 153-121 defeat. The Athletic’s sources also stated in the report that Simmons responded well to the team meeting, so to his credit, maybe it’s working. (RELATED: Charles Barkley Dunks On The Brooklyn Nets After They Allow 153 Points In Blowout Loss)

And then you remember it’s Ben Simmons you’re talking about, you see this gem, and you’re like ‘nah.’

Never change, Ben Simmons. Never change. The content is just too great.