Dem Dark Money Groups Plan Spin Campaign To Undermine GOP Congressional Probes

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Jack McEvoy Energy & Environment Reporter
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Democratic-linked nonprofits are planning to spend millions attacking Republican Congressional oversight investigations that will target President Joe Biden and his administration.

Facts First USA, a nonprofit that is not required to disclose its donors, will assemble a “SWAT team” and spend $5 million annually to undermine Republican investigations into the president’s policies and the foreign business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden, according to a memo. The Congressional Integrity Project, another left-wing nonprofit that has connections to the White House, will also spend millions setting up a “war room” that will target Republican-led House committee investigations, according to Politico. (RELATED: ‘Fraud On American Investors’: Republicans Plan Crackdown On Woke Investing Following The Midterms)

“The White House cannot be the sole nucleus for publicly responding to the onslaught of congressional investigations,” the Facts First memo reads.

Facts First will work to defend Biden and the White House from the Republicans’ “web of lies” particularly on issues that “may be too personal or delicate” for the White House to directly address, according to the memo. The group also “intends to work with the White House where appropriate” but will set its own agenda, Facts First founder David Brock told The New York Times.

The White House has subtly expressed support for some of the initiatives to hamper GOP probes while also assembling its own team, according to the NYT. Biden’s team has also previously strengthened its legal and communications divisions while collaborating with other lawyers to counter potential subpoenas or attempts to impeach Biden.

More staff could be hired to handle probes aimed at the White House and the other departments that will be investigated by Republicans, a senior administration official told the NYT.

The Center for American Progress Action Fund, the political arm of the left-leaning think tank, intends to portray the Republican investigations as “politically motivated revenge politics.”

Facts First USA, the Congressional Integrity Project and the White House did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.