MSNBC Contributor Sam Stein Says Trump Still Has A Few ‘Tricks Up His Sleeve’

[Screenshot Morning Joe]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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MSNBC contributor Sam Stein said Thursday that former President Donald Trump is not out for the count despite several political obstacles.

Stein joined “Morning Joe” when host Joe Scarborough was discussing Republican California Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s upcoming bid for speaker of the House. Scarborough said others think McCarthy needs Trump’s support to win the speakership but is hesitant to outwardly support him.

Stein said Trump is in a power position, however.

“He ran successfully as an outsider in 2015, he was the president between then and now, so less of an ability to do so but he doesn’t necessarily need the GOP establishment to run for office. He’s done it before without it,” Stein said.

Stein noted while Trump may have trouble finding big time donors, the “cash base is the online donations” and the former president should have no problem with that. Stein also suggested Trump has leverage over McCarthy. (RELATED: CNN Reporter Kristen Holmes Says Trump’s Speech Shows His Campaign Will Be ‘Dark’ And ‘Divisive’)

“All Trump really has to do is come out and say we need to not elect this man speaker when the vote is held in public in early January. That’s a ton of leverage over McCarthy, especially because the House Republican majority will be so slim, so, you know, I know Trump’s in a weakened state but he’s been in a weakened state before,” Stein said. “Post Jan. 6th, we all thought it was the last chapter for him, and then McCarthy went down to Mar-a-Lago, so I’m not totally sure that this is it for Trump. I think he has a few more tricks up his sleeve.”

Trump announced Tuesday at Mar-a-Lago he would seek reelection after much speculation he would announce a bid. During his announcement, Trump criticized record-high inflation, the border crisis and record-breaking gas prices under the Biden administration.