‘South Park’ Hilariously Mocked Crypto-Shilling Celebrities. Once Again, Their Satire Proved To Be Spot On

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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“South Park” mocked crypto-shilling celebrities in an episode that proved to be spot on after several high-profile celebrities were listed in the new FTX lawsuit.

Actor Larry David and NFL star Tom Brady were among several A-listers named as defendants in a class-action lawsuit Tuesday against the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. FTX used high-profile celebrities to promote its products, with both David and Brady featured in their commercials, according to The Associated Press (AP). The suit alleges that celebrities gave FTX credibility and are just as culpable as founder, Sam Bankman-Fried. (RELATED: Dem Megadonor Under Federal Investigation Bankrolled Lawmakers Overseeing The Agency He Was Lobbying)

But “South Park” seemingly predicted how the situation with celebrities shilling for crypto would end.

“Hi, I’m Matt Damon. Me and all my Hollywood friends have a little secret to share,” a cartoon Damon says while in a wave pool filled with urine and surrounded by other cartoon A-Listers, such as Brady and David.

“We love being in PiPi, are you in?” the cartoon actors say in unison before the director asks Reese Witherspoon to “cry” urine. Witherspoon’s character said she couldn’t do it, prompting the director to mock her.

“You slut yourself out for crypto, now just be a slut for Pipi,” the director says. “You’re all a bunch of sellouts.”

Another commercial features a cartoon Damon saying “you’ve heard me talk about the wonders of crypto currency” before promoting a new source of water, “PiPi.”

Another cartoon ad from the show features cartoon actress Gwyneth Paltrow encouraging users to try “PiPi.”

“Hi, I’m Gwenyth Paltrow. I got women everywhere excited about investing in crypto and now there’s something even better to invest in.”

One ad features a cartoon David supporting “PiPi.”

“When I made my Super Bowl commercial for crypto, I didn’t even really know what it was. But thanks to the money I made I now can enjoy my favorite beverage everyday,” the cartoon David said.