Celebrity Sex Club Workers Dish The Dirt On What Happens Inside


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Workers from the celebrity sex club SNCTM dished the dirt about what happens inside the luxury club frequented by famous actors, athletes and businessmen.

The elite form the client base in the sex club, which hosts events in penthouse suites around the globe, according to The Sun. Performers revealed that their high-end guests watch erotic performers in elaborate costumes being chained up, playing out elaborate scenarios and getting down and dirty on stage as others look on, according to The Sun. Some of the guests even join in the fun.

Each guest has an opportunity to play out their wildest sexual fantasies during the exclusive sex parties, but only if they can afford the $50,000 a year membership. SNCTM strictly prohibits the use of cell phones and insists that their guests follow their black-tie dress code, according to The Sun.

“We intentionally curate the crowd to contain a mixture of different types of guests,” a representative for SNCTM said to The Sun.

Jessica and Haley Grace are two performers who have participated in some of the raunchiest parties with some of the most prominent guests. Jessica said she has been ”chained up while dressed as a kitten” for an audience at SNCTM, according to The Sun.

She gets plenty of chances to show off her acting skills, including playing a ”virgin sacrifice” during a sexual fetish scenario at one party.
“When I first attended SNCTM as a guest, I felt like I had walked into a movie set,” Jessica said.

“All the guests were incredibly warm and open-minded so it was easy to connect over the topic of sexuality and kink,” she said.
Jessica said she had also participated in dominance and submission acts, girl-on-girl and acts with multiple partners. (RELATED: A Sex-Filled Vacation With Prostitutes Sells For $4,500 A Ticket)

“I felt a draw to this world since it was so much more of a safe space to be myself and have expression of my body and thoughts without judgment,” she said to The Sun.

Performer Haley Grace said her job at SNCTM New York helps her “live her sexual fantasies.” She specializes in fire performances, as well as fetish and burlesque acts. “At the last event, I did a beautiful bondage play scene while being serenaded by a violinist. It was absolutely divine,” she said, according to The Sun.

Guests are screened carefully before being admitted as members. Applicants are assessed on their reputation, image, and “whether they will be a net for the atmosphere,” according to The Sun.

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