‘Yeah, So…’ Everyone’s Favorite Canadian Town ‘Letterkenny’ Is Coming Back For Season 11


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Yeah so, the Season 11 trailer for “Letterkenny” dropped Thursday, and if you want to watch it, you can.

They say bad gas travels real fast in a small town, but this great gas has gone international: “Letterkenny” is finally coming back from an almost year-long hiatus after creator and leading-man Jared Keeso went off and made the superbly brilliant spin-off “Shoresy.” For what? For the fun of it, that’s why.

If you haven’t seen “Letterkenny,” it’s a collection of short stories from the lives of a fictional group of friends in a small town in Canada. Letterkenny is home to hicks, skids, Christians and Mennonites (f*ck, can they run.) The show has garnered a cult-like following and is renowned for its unique inside jokes and working class approach to modern problems, to be fair.

Judging by the trailer, the new season features all of our favorites: Wayne, Katy, Darryl, Squirrely Dan, McMurray, Mrs. McMurray, Bonnie McMurray, Glen, Stewart and Roald, Joint Boy and Tyson, Reilly and Jonesy, and Rosie. I just pray Coach and the Dycks are part of Season 11.

According to the official Instagram account for the show, Season 11 will be released Christmas Day on Crave, but I’ll be catching up Boxing Day (Dec. 26) on Hulu. (RELATED: How Is Mike Tyson Still Conscious In This Wild Montage With Graham Hancock?)

So pitter patter, let’s get at ‘er and go binge the first 10 seasons. It sounds like a lot, but you’ll eat them all in less than a week. Trust me. Once you’re all caught up, come back and read this article again and you’ll understand every single inside joke. If this is your second read-through post-binge, wanna go fishing in Quebec? There’s great fishing in Quebec.

Watch the Season 11 trailer here: