RICE: The Covidians Found Another Excuse To Muzzle You Up — Equity

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A.J. Rice CEO of Publius PR
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Just three years ago, only three kinds of people wore masks outside of a surgical suite – stick-up men, Klansmen and mumbling-to-themselves schizophrenics pushing grocery carts around.

It’s why wearing masks outside of a surgical suite – inside a place of business – was illegal in many places as recently as just three years ago, such as in Virginia.

People are recovering their senses about “masks” as COVID hysteria recedes — even though the elites haven’t forgotten. In fact, they recently met at the G20 summit to push worldwide vaccine passports in the form of digital “Health Certificates.  

Unsurprisingly, some people are saying that if you don’t wear a mask, you’re a racist. Not just any people, either. It’s the New England Journal of Medicine, which once upon a time concerned itself with … medicine. 

But, times change. 

Now the journal concerns itself with being medically woke. It released a “study” recently that was more chock full of misinformation than a Dr. Fauci press conference, urging the return of mass-masking, for the sake of “equity” and to “mitigate the effects” of “structural racism in schools.”   

That is how “masks work,” according to the journal. 

Remember, this from what was once one of the most respected American medical journals. One that has since become very political.

Since when did medical doctors concern themselves with “mitigating the effects of structural racism?”  Isn’t that the bailiwick of “doctors” such as Dr. Jill Biden, whose doctorates have nothing to do with medicine? 

Of course, masks do “work” – just not in the sense most people think of when they are told they must wear them. Read the box they come in, for openers. It says right there in plain English that they do not protect against respiratory viral particles, which are so small they easily pass through (and around) the flimsy, porous, throw-away masks that kids in schools were forced to wear. 

It is very telling that while mask mandates abounded during the pandemic, there were never any standards defining which masks made the cut. So long as a person had something over his face – even a dirty old bandana – it permitted entry to any place where “masks” were mandated. 

Mask wearing was never about “stopping the spread.” It was about obedience. 

But people grew tired of obeying – just because they were told they had to. Because they knew that granny wasn’t dying because they weren’t wearing it. Wearing masks only “stopped the spread” of sanity.   

So now, you have to be race-guilted into wearing them. 

If you object, you support “structural racism.”

The Journal’s basis for this claim is that “people of color” are more likely to get COVID more severely. “Black, Latinx, and Indigenous children and adolescents are more likely to have had severe Covid-19.” 

Which is true, in that these groups are more likely to have co-morbidities, especially obesity, which is strongly correlated with sickness generally. But mask-wearing doesn’t cure obesity. Nor does it make an obese person, white, black, or any other race, any less likely to get COVID. But the Journal insists it does, by omitting these several key variables from its “study.”

As The New York Post notes in its dissection of the Journal’s conclusions:

“The study centers on two Massachusetts school districts that didn’t remove their mask mandates as soon as the state allowed, in March 2022, but kept them until June. A few months later, they saw slightly lower COVID rates than other districts.”

Evidence that masks “work,” right?


The Journal omits the fact that “COVID rates in all the schools” in Massachusetts – not just the two districts’ schools – “were higher before anyone took off their masks.” Also, contacts of kids who tested positive were exempted from further testing while unmasked contacts continued to be tested. In other words, the “researchers” found what they weren’t looking for – and probably on purpose to reach the conclusion they wanted.

Nor did the Journal study adjust its findings to take into account critically relevant factors such as co-morbidities that correlate closely with sickness and which aren’t treatable by wearing a cheap, Chinese-made throw-away mask.

But now, the Journal says, those who don’t want to wear them are “structural racists,” which sounds like a really bad name for a really bad Klan band.

But the worst consequence is that woke virtue-signaling is discrediting medicine and formerly-respectable medical publications that would never have published misinformation such as this.

The damage is immense and possibly irreparable. People have rightly come to distrust institutional medicine, as manifested in the person of the discredited  Dr. Fauci, the New England Journal of Medicine, and many more.

It’s not merely that they are Quacks and purveyors of Quackery. They are Quacks with the power to “mandate” adherence to their Woke (and wrong) prescriptions.

Unsurprisingly, the equally discredited organs of the Lugenpresse – the lying press, in German – are touting the study, in order to tout a return to mandatory masking, which they know works very well – at keeping people in line. An article in The New York Times states as if it were true – that “masking mandates were linked with significantly reduced numbers of COVID cases in schools.”

Except they weren’t.

And just saying they were doesn’t make it true. Just as pointing it out – and refusing to “mask up” – does not make one a “racist,” either.

“Structurally” or otherwise.

A.J. Rice, is President & CEO of Publius PR, Editor-in-Chief of The Publius National Post, and author of the #1 Amazon bestseller, The Woking Dead: How Society’s Vogue Virus Destroys Our Culture.

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