Hundreds Of Fans Were Stuck Outside Before The England-Iran World Cup Match Due To FIFA’s Ticket App Crashing

(Photo: Reuters/Paul Childs)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Holy hell, this World Cup is going to be fun. At least to us enjoyers of crash content.

England and Iran were forced to play their opener in the Qatari World Cup with scores of empty seats, after hundreds of fans had their tickets disappear from the official FIFA tournament app, according to The Telegraph.

Gathering outside of the Khalifa stadium at the ticketing center, a large group of furious soccer supporters demanded their tickets from stressed stadium employees.

Both English and Iranian fans had issues with FIFA’s ticketing app, and Qatari locals reportedly said they experienced the same thing. Some supporters even put blame on Gianni Infantino — FIFA’s Chief Executive — chanting “Infantino out!”

When the game began, it was reportedly estimated that 80% of the stadium was full.

Here’s a visual look at the chaos:

To say that I saw this coming is an understatement: we all saw this coming. We saw it coming from the moment when corrupt FIFA sold the World Cup to Qatar, we saw the red flags when things were first started being set up for the tournament, like this gem:

We all knew it was going to be beautiful, chaotic crash content, and now we have FIFA getting involved. It’s funny, with how massive Qatar’s mishaps have been (remember the beer fiasco from just a few days ago?), you would think FIFA would want to have the mindset that everything needs to be perfect on their end to make up for Qatar — and then their ticketing app crashes, and the timing of this whole thing is so great from the perspective of a crash content fan. (RELATED: US National Soccer Team Changes Crest To LGBT Colors For World Cup In Qatar)

In the words of Uncle Phil: “Damn day one, Vivian. Damn day one.”

And we’ve got a whole month of this?

I’m game.