Man Finds $40,000 Ring On Florida Beach


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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A man reportedly found a $40,000 ring while treasure hunting on a Florida beach in October.

Footage shared online by SWNS shows the moment 37-year-old treasure hunter Joseph Cook uncovered the platinum and diamond ring while searching Hammock Beach in St. Augustine, Florida. “No way, man, whoah, look at that bad boy, holy crap, yo that’s real, I swear to god this is the biggest diamond I ever found on the beach,” Cook can be heard saying on the video as he realizes what he’s found.

Cook immediately shared the video online in the hopes of finding the ring’s owner, according to the New York Post. “When I went to the jewelers, they told me it was worth $40,000,” he told the outlet. “I just said, ‘oh god that’s been sitting in my scooter for almost a week’, I couldn’t believe it.”

Calls from unknown numbers started coming through to Cook’s phone in the weeks after he shared the video online, the NY Post continued. He initially ignored the calls, but eventually realized they were from the ring’s owners. (RELATED: Florida Family Finds 11-Foot Alligator In Their Swimming Pool)

Cook then met the owners on Hammock Beach three weeks after the discovery, the NY Post noted. “It felt really good, I’ve returned sixty-thousand dollars of stuff this year, but nothing even close to this before,” Cook said, adding that he believes in karma so isn’t upset about returning such a valuable find.