Whatever Nation Wins The World Cup Will Get All Of The Budweiser Beers That Qatar Banned

(Photo: Reuters/Molly Darlington)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Here’s yet another reason to root for the United States in the World Cup.

After a two month-long agreement between each Qatar, FIFA and Budweiser to allow the sale of alcohol in the Muslim nation, the royal family nixed the plan just days before the kickoff of the tournament, banning alcohol altogether from being sold inside and outside of stadiums.

As a result, despite paying $75 million in sponsorship money to be the official beer of the FIFA World Cup, Budweiser was forced to hang on to all of their beer. However, the company announced a genius marketing plan to get rid of their banned goodness: giving it away to the World Cup-winning nation.

Now obviously with the massive amount of beers that were meant for a crap load of fans in a tournament that lasts 28 days, the beers will most likely be for the citizens of whatever country wins the World Cup, which adds more fuel to the motivation to root for the United States, and adds more irritation to the Wales draw — we should have won that damn game.

That stupid little penalty shouldn’t have been committed whatsoever by Walker Zimmerman. Why the hell are we sliding in the penalty area?

It was a boneheaded decision that only happens when you hit the wrong button on FIFA. Seriously, who slides in the penalty area with just minutes left in the game? You had the win right in front of you! (RELATED: Hundreds Of Fans Were Stuck Outside Before The England-Iran World Cup Match Due To FIFA’s Ticket App Crashing)

We should have three points right now and be in first place with England in our group. Instead, we’re tied for second and third with just a single point. And again, we tied with Wales. What’s up with all of this tying? It’s one of the most un-American things you can ever do in sports.

But the United States can make it up by winning us all free beer.