‘James Bond’ Actor Reveals His Love For Thanksgiving And He’s Not Only The Brit


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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“James Bond” actor Daniel Craig said Monday that Thanksgiving is probably his favorite U.S. holiday. His commentary and reasoning is absolutely brilliant.

Craig made the statement on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert while in a hilarious back and forth about the nuance differences between each other’s and their homeland’s respective food choices. They touched upon everything from steak and kidney pie to the abomination of stuffing, with Craig confidently mocking the heck out of Colbert’s commentary.

Craig became a U.S. citizen in 2019, but has been in the states for quite a while, so he’s been celebrating Turkey Day long enough for it to have become his favorite holiday.

As a fellow Brit (I’m Welsh, he’s English) living in America, it’s easy to agree with Craig’s sentiment. Even though it’s an adopted holiday for us, there’s just something special about celebrating the blessings given to us in this country.

While most Americans only eat a full Thanksgiving-style dinner once a year, or possibly three times if celebrating Christmas and Easter in a similar fashion, a lot of Brits will eat the same sized meal every single Sunday. It’s the one time of the week where the whole house smells like food, you’re stuck inside because it’s almost definitely raining, and everyone is expected to show up and enjoy themselves.

While being in America has a billion more perks than living in the U.K., having your day of thanks celebrated in the same way we celebrate our families is just the most wonderful coincidence that helps us keep a tiny bit of home with us in the New World. (RELATED: Queen Elizabeth Once Thanked America For Kicking Britain’s Ass)

The only downside for Craig this Thanksgiving is that the FIFA World Cup match between England and the USA team is on Black Friday, and if the USA keep defending and playing as they did against Wales on Monday, England is in for a shock. (The Wales v USA game ended in a draw).