‘Big Sex Puppy’: Alleged Herschel Walker Mistress Says He Floated Suicide If She Didn’t Get An Abortion

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Michael Ginsberg Congressional Correspondent
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A woman claiming a six-year-long affair with Republican Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker said Tuesday that he repeatedly mentioned killing himself in response to an unplanned 1993 pregnancy.

During a press conference with attorney Gloria Allred, the woman alleged that she became pregnant in 1993, when the football star was still married to his first wife, Cindy Grossman. After she revealed the pregnancy, the woman said Walker offered to “disappear,” which he used as a euphemism for suicide. The woman first went public with her claims in late October, and is one of two women to allege that Walker pressured them into abortions.

“He grabbed me and held me close. He said, ‘it’s okay, I love you. It will be okay.’ He said it was probably his ‘fault,’ since he had very high levels of testosterone,” the woman said while quoting her diary. “I told him I could just disappear, and he said no, he would. He told me that would be better since he would give the baby and I half his estate. I realized he was talking about more than disappearing, and he told me about a book he had been reading about after life and the levels of heaven.'”


“Herschel has about gone off the deep end over this whole thing. He thinks that having the baby will keep him in so deep with Cindy’s family that he’ll never get out. He talks about how it will be fine for the baby and I if he would just ‘disappear,’ but I know what that means. He has me so scared and confused. He thinks that by not having the baby we do have a future chance of happiness. We can ‘grow strong again together,’ and that things will change,” she continued reading.

Walker and his campaign have repeatedly denied all allegations that he procured abortions. The Walker campaign did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller’s request for comment. (RELATED: Top Republicans Rally With Herschel Walker Amid Abortion Allegations)

Walker’s son Christian, a prominent conservative social media influencer, has said he believes the claims about his father. Christian Walker has accused his father of threatening to kill him and his mother, and that the two had to move six times in a six month period to escape Herschel Walker’s alleged violence.

The woman, who is going by Jane Doe, and her attorney Gloria Allred presented evidence at the press conference that backed up her claims of a relationship.

“We have overwhelming evidence that supports the relationship between my client and Herschel Walker,” Allred said. “Including letters, audio recordings, diaries, cards, notes, photos, and a declaration from a friend. We are here today to challenge Mr. Walker.”

Allred played audio recordings of phone call that she said took place between Walker and the woman in the early 1990s, as well as a letter that she said Walker sent in 1993.

In one recording, a man can be heard telling the woman about a race he has on Saturday, with both phone participants saying, “I love you.” In another, the man refers to himself as a “stud farm” and the woman as a “big sex puppy.”

Allred also produced an affidavit from a friend of Doe claiming that Doe told her about the pregnancy.

“Mr. Walker, in addition to Jane Doe’s statement, we have a signed declaration, under penalty of perjury, saying the following. Quote, ‘in the spring of 1993, Jane Doe confided to me that she was pregnant, and that Mr. Walker had impregnated her. I was with Ms. Doe when she took two consecutive pregnancy tests, and I saw her positive test results. Ms. Doe was shocked to learn that she was pregnant, because she told me she was on birth control.”

Walker favors a 15-week abortion ban and has suggested he would go further to roll back the procedure. He is facing off against incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock in a run-off made necessary by both candidates’ failure to clear 50% in the November midterms. Warnock finished the initial race with 49.2% support, while Walker garnered 48.7%. Libertarian Party candidate Chase Oliver received 2.1%.

“I was shocked you denied even knowing me. We were together for six years. You met my parents on a number of occasions. You met other members of my family. Surely you remember coming to my apartment in Dallas more times than I can count, at 131 Meadow Creek Circle, and walking up three flights of stairs in order to be with me,” Doe addressed Walker directly.