Heated Sports Debates Might Be Fun, But They’re Not Good Television

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Seth Roy Contributor
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Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe got into a heated argument Monday during an episode of “Undisputed,” while discussing the poor Sunday performance of Baker Mayfield and the Carolina Panthers.

The Panthers’ offense, led by Mayfield, was only able to score three points total during Carolina’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens over the weekend, dropping them to 3-8 in the season. The boisterous quarterback had just 196 yards total through the air with no touchdowns and two interceptions, according to ESPN. His performance gave Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe tons of ammunition to prove to Bayless that Mayfield was nothing more than a below-average quarterback.

Sharpe was reading off some of Mayfield’s statistics this season, such as his 33rd overall ranking in completion percentage and his dead last ranking in quarterback ranking (QBR), but it was completely irrelevant to Bayless, apparently a die-hard Mayfield supporter.

“Blah blah blah…blah, blah, blah,” Bayless replied every time Sharpe tried reading out Mayfield’s egregious stats.

“You gonna let me talk?!” an irate Sharpe said.

“If you stay on point…” Bayless replied.

“You never stay on point,” Sharpe responded emphatically.

At this point in the debate, things were getting heated.

“He’s a bum, he’s trash! And you know it! And every time you bring him up I’m gonna let the world know exactly what he is,” Sharpe continued.

To that Bayless replied, “you and your four Twitter followers.”

WOW. It was a knockout shot if I have ever seen one. It had to have stung a little bit considering Bayless has 3.2 million followers compared to Sharpe’s 1.7 million.

The debate was entertaining, but that sort of argument won’t last in the long run. Eventually things will escalate, and the show will be over with. (RELATED: NFL Star Sets All-Time Record For Kick Return TD’s. Should He Be Inducted Into The Hall Of Fame One Day?)

With that said, it’s almost impossible to defend Baker Mayfield’s play this year, so I’m not sure why Bayless continues trying. His play has been awful and it’s the reason why Carolina is rolling with Sam Darnold next Sunday against the Denver Broncos.

From a spectator’s point of view, Sharpe was nailing Bayless with hard facts and Bayless just couldn’t handle it.