BAYRAQ: Biden Has Become The Captain Of Xi Jinping’s Global Cheer Squad

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Kok Bayraq Kok Bayraq is a Uyghur political dissident and journalist who left China after "trouble with the authorities" and writes under a pseudonym to speak freely on the Uyghur genocide.
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When a murderer publicly kills people in their backyards, he can reasonably expect people may run away from him in shame or fear. As the leader who overtly carried out the Uyghur genocide for six years, extended his presidency for the third time and oppresses more than 1.5 billion people, Xi Jinping probably had this concern when he attended the G20 meetings. Human nature dictated that the G20 leaders should have been ashamed to meet and stand by him.

But that was not the case – the race to meet with Xi has started and continues, led by none other than Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Xi stood tall, with a sarcastic smile behind his dictatorial political utterances. Given this scenario, we now have to wonder about Joe Biden. Wasn’t he the first politician in the world to openly call the Uyghur situation as genocide during his election speech? Did he not say that he would stick to the Trump administration’s statements position on the Uyghur genocide?!

Biden’s wide smile when meeting with Xi gave two clear signals: Continue the Uyghur genocide, and stay president in perpetuity. We will criticize you verbally, but we will not hinder actions. In essence, he discarded the American principles of foreign policy, honor, and pride.

Uyghurs have the saying “lick the saliva,” which means accepting something after denying it – it is sacrificing honor to keep benefits. To avoid falling into this position, the president of a country recognizing a genocide should not be friendly with the perpetrator – even if the two countries are not fighting or require an emergency meeting. President Biden should not have rushed to meet with a murderer. At the very least, he should have had an expression of desperation and discomfort versus an endless smile on his face.

What about this meeting thrilled and excited Biden and Harris? There is nothing more foolish in the world than expecting China to cooperate on climate issues or much else for that matter. Is a country attempting to destroy a group of its own citizens going to care about the climate? Does the Chinese Communist Party, which killed its own children with tanks to protect its regime, think about climate change for the good of humanity? It is a weakness of mind to believe in climate slogans and literature from a leader who has usurped the human rights of his 1.5 billion countrymen by making his presidency for life.

Cooperation with China against North Korea and Russia is not something that can be done with a smile or begging; The demons of Russia, Iran, and North Korea have empowered China. It is not a sense of justice that has forced Xi to distance himself from Putin lately – it is Russia’s failure in Ukraine, particularly its withdrawal from Kherson. Thus, in terms of his stance on the Ukraine War, the combination of Ukraine and US military power was Xi’s “teacher” – not smiles and flattery.

Let’s say that the so-called “great national interests and key issues” compelled President Biden to meet with Xi. Why does Kamala Harris need to meet with him? What is the point of sacrificing American dignity again by having Kamala Harris meet with Xi? “Keeping the lines open,” as Harris stated? When were they closed or hidden? China announced at the two-party congress that it would become a superpower in 2035 and dominate the world by 2050. Xi did not hide his unlimited cooperation with Russia. With his human rights violations and genocide documents flying everywhere, it is impossible to see the necessity of Kamala Harris’s visit.

Immediately after Xi extended his presidential term, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz rushed to his side, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau had to defend himself in front of Xi at the G20; and the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak when his request to meet Xi was refused, softened his speaking style by changing the term he used for China from “enemy” to “competitor.” Dutch leader Mark Rutti demonstrated his loyalty to Xi by accepting his order not to “decouple with China,” and Rutti’s trade minister stated, “The US shouldn’t expect the Netherlands to unquestionably adopt its approach to China export restrictions.”

French President Macron likened the US and China to “two big elephants” in a jungle. Of course, this analogy made Xi happy because he has dreamt of being on the same level as the United States. Macron made that dream a reality. Macron further stated, “If they become very nervous and start a war, it will be a big problem for the rest of the jungle. You need the cooperation of a lot of other animals.”

Such a self-defeating comparison is not appropriate for a statesman and feeds only its arrogant spectator. But who then is the leader of the praise wave? Joe Biden, of course! Biden characterized his meeting with Xi as “open and candid” and praised him as “straightforward.” When did Xi become straightforward? When he blatantly committed genocide without fear of international criticism? When he grabbed power without a general election? When he threatened the USA and Taiwan by saying, “Don’t play with fire” to Biden’s face?

These are pictures of international cooperation led by the Biden government—a wave of flattery toward Xi. The problem lies in the fact that Joe Biden does not know the weight of his words and does not understand what the smiles on his and Kamala Harris’s faces and their laughter are expressing. They do not know what kind of mockery they are facing.

In the end I want to cite an open letter from Uyghur leader and four-time Nobel nominee, Ms. Rabiye Qadir to Joe Biden:

“Dear President Biden, as a former lawmaker and former millionaire who has lived under Chinese rule for nearly half a century, I would like to emphasize that the U.S. cannot unite other countries against China without first confirming its own stance. If you think that the U.S. is not powerful enough to stop China today, then it will not be powerful enough tomorrow either. Do not allow China to take over world dominance from the United States during your watch.”

Kok Bayraq is a Uyghur political dissident and journalist who left China after ‘trouble with the authorities’ and writes under a pseudonym to speak freely on the Uyghur genocide.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of the Daily Caller.