Dak Prescott Has His Own Photo For His Phone Background In True G Fashion

(Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Contributor
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I know his haters will disagree, but Dak Prescott is a G for this — a pure baller.

The Dallas Cowboys squared off against the New York Giants Nov. 24 in a Thanksgiving rivalry clash. Dak Prescott‘s Cowboys got that 28-20 win, even though they got off to a slow start and found themselves down 13-7 at halftime. Thy did, however, spark up a comeback in the second half to grab the victory.

But it’s not Dallas’ comeback that has people talking, it’s not the flashy 8-3 record that’s beside the Cowboys star that’s getting conversations going, it’s what Dak Prescott did off of the field that has people in a frenzy. Sometime before or after the game, Prescott was seen talking, but it was his phone that people noticed the most — his phone background to be exact. The background featured Prescott in his football attire and showed the back of his jersey with the word ‘Prescott’ swagging out his phone.

Dak Prescott is getting a load of haters for this, and quite frankly, I don’t understand why.

I’m willing to bet any hater out there this: If you were an MVP-caliber starting quarterback for the prestigious Dallas Cowboys and wearing their swaggy jerseys while riding a $160,000,000 contract — $126,000,000 of it guaranteed with a $66 million signing bonus, by the way — then you’d probably have an ego the size of the Great Wall of China too.

I love it, personally. Dak Prescott just screams swag at this point of his career. He always did to me, I can’t help but to like Dak, but with him leading a winning team now, he’s getting close to a peak — obviously being a Super Bowl-winning quarterback would be said peak. (RELATED: NFL Player Stefon Diggs Makes Kid’s Christmas Wish Come True)

The problem with that is that the Dallas Cowboys haven’t been out of the Wild Card and Divisional rounds in the playoffs for over two decades now, not winning a playoff game since 1995 when they won the Super Bowl that year.

Since 1995… Wow.

But that sets it up even better for Dak “The Great.”

If Dak Prescott can win a Super Bowl under these circumstances, he instantly becomes a legend in Dallas Cowboys history. He’d be treated like royalty in Dallas and throughout the entire state of Texas, and with the huge fan base that the Cowboys have, he could create an empire if he wanted.

And his claim to fame could be: “It all started when I put myself as my iPhone wallpaper.”